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    Mpc 2000XL

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    Hello! I have a mpc2KXL & im trying to master it!! I've been making some sick beats on it, but I want to learn how to sample, chop them, & assign them to pads! Also, how do I use the note variation slider? Any help will be gladely appreciated! Thanks guys!!!

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    Also, can anyone tell me why when I make a beat using more than one drum kit & convert my beat/sequences over to song mode, it wont play the sounds in the sequence from the other drum kit plays a sound out of the 1st drum kit used!! I want to be able to use more than 1 drum kit & have my sequences play as programed when converted to song! Can anyone help?? Thanks!!

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    How long have you had it? This is all basic functions man. To sample, you just find a portion of a song you think is dope enough, record however many bar lengths you want and either use that as loops or chop it up. To chop the sample, either use the Zone feature( which if used has the option to automatically assign samples to pads starting from pad 1 to pad 16.) or when recording, sample small portions, Trim them and then assign to pads. This is a little more tedious but it depends on your overall workflow.

    To use note variation, you must press a pad and hold the note variation button. Use the slider to selection the speed of note repitition. And as for your drum kit issue, you need to assign them to seperate banks in order for them not to replace each other. And why are you using multiple kits in the first place? And lastly, read the manual.

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