Hello FP crew! I'm brand spankin' new to the forums, but have been chiming in for quite a while now -- great source of knowledge!

I am looking to get some analog signals flowing in my setup. Currently, I have a MacBook Pro 15", Yamaha HS80M's, M-Audio ProFire 610, and Logic Studio (no midi controller, but that's what part of this post is about).

Logic's synthesis is wonderfully planned out, but, as any audiophile (or anyone who likes music before 2006) would agree, it doesn't quite produce the warmth that an analog path can (specifically talking about synthesis).

Before I ask for advice concerning hardware, I'd like to first list the music I aim to produce:
French house; deep/soulful house; downtempo. I'm really into combining the three.

Favorite artists: Daft Punk (Homework mainly), Cassius, Louis La Roche, Blockhead, RJD2, Pretty Lights (minus the dubstep towards the more current era -- no offense to dubstep, just not my thing), Mr. Scruff... Stuff like that.

I know I want capabilities to include synthesis and sampling...
But after that... I know nothing.

I am very peculiar with how I want my music to sound. I do NOT want it to seem like a shit ton of presets selected from a library; I do NOT want it to sound like it's never seen the outside of a soundcard, and if it does, it needs to have purpose. I want it to sound like it was produced on shit equipment from 1995, but with the precision of 2011.

I've been looking at the D.S.I. TETR4, the Electribe EMX-1 (mainly for Drums/FX), the Moog Slim Phatty -- good time now to also mention that I also need advice on a decent MIDI controller ...

Also, for anyone with sequencer/full hardware setups: can you only record into stereo? -- recording into Logic, I mean. Or is there a way to record separate tracks (other than muting and single recording, which I'm not opposed to).

Sorry for the short novel, I'm just pretty curious about any insights possible!

Also, I have a $4000 budget (and would like to squeeze every penny).

If anyone feels the vibe I have going on in the brain-stem, or is attempting to/doing what I'm attempting, hit me up.