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Thread: Good speakers for low price?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Epsilon-144 View Post
    "maybe you can snatch up a 600 dollar speaker for 300. "

    ya you can buy them used. I got mine like half off the retail price from a homie.
    Indeed. Most monitors are built like tanks.. the ones I've owned and seen at least. A good pair will easily last a decade or more.
    Even if they're broken, I've seen spare parts for some of the bigger brands... how hard can it be to replace a cone?

    I found mine by just looking at my budget and the best ones I could get for it. That narrowed it down a lot.
    I had my eyes on these for a long time... but when I started reading some reviews, which I guess were written around the time they were launched,
    they all listed like 400 - 500 (dollar/euro) as the suggested retail price. Per unit, which what I paid for the pair and seems to be a normal rate. So that's a pretty significant price drop.
    I guess that's maybe an advantage of buying your precision audio equipment from the world's largest moped and farm equipment manufacturer They have economy of scale that a specialist
    shop can't have.
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    ive once baught KRK rockit 8s and sent them back with a smile.
    i use passive german speakers from the 70s.
    baught them for 50. one speaker weights 20kg.
    i sent the KRKs back cuz the lack BASS.
    And i love BASS.
    And the KRKs are considered to be a lil`on the hifi side.
    I think good speakers labeled as monitors are beginning at 1k per speaker.
    If you can trust your ears you can get a used pair of passive speakers plus an amp for less than 100 that surpass 1k monitors.
    But that said i have to mention that i`ve spent years of trial and error to find the speakers i use now.
    Amps are not so criticle.
    And room treatment is just as important as your speakers if not more.
    You can have 20000 speakers sounding only ok in an untreated cube shape room.

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    If you're a bedroom producer KRK rokit 5s will take you a good way. Good cheap and dependable.

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    I have a pair of M-Audio AV 30 speakers, been using them for about a year now and have been great! They're sound quality is decent, definitely worth enough for production, mixing, mastering etc... and home studio work. Not exactly the best of the bunch but I got them for $100 which was okay with my budget. This is more of an older model pair but they have newer ones that are 20-30 bucks higher so just depends on your budget. As far as performance, I've been really satisfied with them.

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    Second hand set of adam a7's

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