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"maybe you can snatch up a 600 dollar speaker for 300. "

ya you can buy them used. I got mine like half off the retail price from a homie.
Indeed. Most monitors are built like tanks.. the ones I've owned and seen at least. A good pair will easily last a decade or more.
Even if they're broken, I've seen spare parts for some of the bigger brands... how hard can it be to replace a cone?

I found mine by just looking at my budget and the best ones I could get for it. That narrowed it down a lot.
I had my eyes on these for a long time... but when I started reading some reviews, which I guess were written around the time they were launched,
they all listed like 400 - 500 (dollar/euro) as the suggested retail price. Per unit, which what I paid for the pair and seems to be a normal rate. So that's a pretty significant price drop.
I guess that's maybe an advantage of buying your precision audio equipment from the world's largest moped and farm equipment manufacturer They have economy of scale that a specialist
shop can't have.