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Thread: Good speakers!!

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    Good speakers!!

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    What are some good types of speakers for a home studio for making beats?

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    There are many differently types of monitoring speaker systems and they all vary in price. If your on a budget look at the KRK Rokits RPG5s. If you can stretch a little higher you can look at the VXT4's.

    If you've got a descent budget and prepared to pay out for some really descent speakers have a look at the Adam A7X's or VXT6's. Both sound very different though and it all depends on what you would prefer to work with. Visit a local Pro-Audio shop and have a listen if you can before hand.

    If you do decide to go for the Rokits you might want to consider getting the KRK sub as well as they don't spit out as much as you might want below 100hz. I've worked on projects using all of the above monitoring systems and I own a pair of A7xs in my studio. I find them less fatiguing and expose more at the bottom end where previously I had most mixing problems.

    Hope that helps!

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    You will also want to consider your room. After buying the speakers I suggest downloading Room E.Q and running a test using a flat frequency response microphone. You can get a Behringer ECM8000 for under 40.

    It doesn't matter how good your monitors are, if you room sounds terrible then this will no doubt effect your mixes.

    Do some reasearch into room acoustics / bass traps / reflectors / deflectors.

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