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Thread: drum machines decision

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    drum machines decision

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    I have been looking at drum machines for a while. My first question is are these good for producing drum tracks for other types of music other than rap, hip hop, EDM, etc. can you do country, jazz, or just "normal" percussion for music from music such as John Mayer type music. Was looking at NI Machine for quite a while, but more recently been looking at Arturia SparkLE and Beat Step Pro (not sure how these differ and would appreciate an explanation). My software on my computer Groove agent has a 4x4 layout with 16 pads. Machine has this physical layout so I know it would work with my software, but seems more complicated. SparkLE and Beatbddy has a row of 8 pads or 2 row of 8 pads in the beat buddy and is more of a step sequencer if I under stand it correctly. What I don't know is if software such as groove agent could be used in anyway with the arturia products. I have other questions, but I think think explanations and recommendations from these questions are what I am most curious about.

    FYI: I have no real drumming experience or beat making experience. I do like hip hop, rap, etc but am a 47 year old in a small town and am probably not going to be he next Rick Ross, P-diddy, etc. Thus I am looking for a drum machine tat can apply drums to other types of music that are more in line with what I will be doing on a daily basis. I have even wondered if I wouldn't be best with a beat buddy, but I am not sure if I can record to cubase from this. Thanks.

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    Very Short Answer-- Yes.

    A little more indepth-- You will need to work on the experience that you currently don't have; creating realistic drum grooves and correctly genre-specific drum grooves takes time/patience and know-how. Also, if this is your plan (as described above-- to make realistic drum groove emulations for a variety of music styles), you need to pick a machine with sounds that match that goal (good solid drum samples that are not too electronically oriented or trendy).

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    Both the Maschine and the SparkLE are software/hardware hybrids - they have their own software (that produces the sound and so on) running on your computer, and the hardware device merely controls the software. And yes, both can be used for emulating live drumming as well, but as rhythmgj said, getting that to sound good and realistic is not necessarily easy.

    The BeatStep Pro isn't really a drum machine, it's "just" a sequencer.
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