hey all, i need some help on this spd-20 stuff, and i dont know where to ask, so i thought id ask here, if this isnt the forum, maybe you could point me in the right direction to a forum where they deal with this stuff

im new to the whole SPD world. and i recently took a trip to india for a vacation and to visit family. now, ive been playing drums for the past 9 years, and when i went there i saw a guy playing a roland spd-20 pad that he bought in Chennai(Madras), and it was the same pad that i had in the USA, and bought right here in minnesota. he taught me a few beats and stuff on it, and i liked it and was looking forward to practicing at home on the same patches. i got home and turned it to patch 88, and the sounds sounded absolutely NOTHING alike, i tried all the patches, but none of them had the same sounds. i called him up and he said that he had never edited any sounds or loaded new ones on there. i was wondering if it would be possible to get the same sounds he had on his pad on my pad, the one i bought in the USA, do they have software for the patches to replace it with indian sounds and sounds that were on the indian pad?

please get back to me asap