I have recently dived into the world of DAWs and I having some difficulties getting my setup to function properly. This is my current setup:

-Mac Dual 533 G4 running OS 9.2
-Digital Performer 3.1
-MOTU Midi Express XT USB
-Akai MPC4000
-Akai MPC 60
-Akai s950
-Ensoniq EPS keyboard
-Technic SL1200
-Mackie 1202 Mixer Board

Before all of my MOTU products came into play, I was able to do thing, but now I am somewhat confused on how to record into DP3.1. My biggest issue is what connections should be made for example from my MPC or Keyboard, to the Mixer Board, to the 2408 MKII and then looped back. I basically would like to record both audio and midi into DP, but I've been unsuccessful. I have all my midi connections correct because I am able to see activity in DP when I use the Midi Monitor function, but when it comes time to record.....nothing. Anyone out there who may have a similar setup, if they could please assist me in getting me up and running with my current setup, I would greatly appreciate it.