Here is my current "want list" of keyboard and synth modules that I'm wanting to buy. Couple of projects coming up, so upgrading and re-acquiring some cool goodies!
Email with details on condition, what's included, and price. suitedstudio at
I'm located in Nashville...

Waldorf Blofeld module
Waldorf Q module
Waldorf Microwave XT module
Waldorf Pulse Plus module
Access Virus C module
Akai Z8 sampler
Alesis ION
E-mu modules (various 2000 series)
E-mu Ultra Proteus
Ensoniq Fizmo
Ensoniq MR Rack (expanded pref...)
Yamaha FS1R module
Yamaha CS6R module
Yamaha EX5R module
Nord Lead/Rack 2X module or keyboard
Nord Rack 3 module
Korg MS2000BR module
Korg EX-8000 module
Novation Supernova II module
Novation Super Bass Station

(seriously, I'm looking to buy every single one of these... I love hardware!)