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Thread: Nord Micro Modular $350 + s/h

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    Nord Micro Modular $350 + s/h

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    I have a Nord Micro Modular in good shape. It has a one small scratch on the top you can see in the picture. All four knobs and 3 buttons work with no issues. It has the latest and greatest OS installed. I do not have the original power supply but I bought it with this one and am good friends with the former owner and he had it in his studio with no problems till the G2 forced him to sell (heartbreaking how this works, isn't it?) I have the orginal manual, the disk in the back is missing, but there is nothing on there that you cannot find on the internet.

    I'll also throw in the Wizoo Guide to the Nord Modular. Its a great little book that really helpful when you're new to the nord. Again no CD but everything on the CD is hosted on electro-music nord right here

    If you're interested please pm me

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    haha what's the pair of hemostats for? ;d
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