I've had 2x bits of Roland hardware sat lying around for ages now and never really used them - an MC303 Groovebox and an SH-32 - i appreciate that they are both dated but their age doesn't bother me as i've been a vinyl junkie for many years now and the music that i want to produce will be anything from (sorry about listing genres) that old school early acid house sound, jackin' Chicago house, deep house to nu disco and indie dance...heavily under the influence of soul, funk, disco, punk, jazz, afrobeat etc. etc.

All of the demonstrations that i've seen on the internet for the 2 Rolands that i've mentioned previously seem to be based on trance, electro and techno etc...it's not for me to put anybody else's creativity or music down but this just really isn't my thing...

Does anyone think that i should sell these 2 boxes and look to get something else (hardware or software) that would be more along the lines of the music that i am passionate about, and want to start producing..?...if so, can anybody recommend something..?

Many thanks,