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Thread: advice needed: preamp for vocals

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    advice needed: preamp for vocals

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    Hey guys, I have a question, I bought a pre amp that was for "vocals" but it turned out to be quite shitty. I later found out it's more for electric guitars and such (it's the presonus bluetube). I am now having to get a proper one cause the quality was so bad for the one I have.

    Before I go and make another mistake, I thought I should ask for some help here. Is there any preamp that you guys recommend specifically for vocals, specifically for pop, electro pop type of music?

    I am in the 400-500 price range, but could prolly go a little higher if it was worth it.


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    I would recommend the Art Pro VLA II. They are very affordable and sound great on both vocals and guitar. You can even upgrade the tubes for better sound. (find some "new old stock" vintage tubes!)
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