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  1. liveoffbeats
    What up future producers! Hey I'm excited to introduce myself to the board! My name is Chach Black and I make my living making beats. The fact that I'm doing this while still learning the art of great music production is a dream come true! No B>S man this is what we all live for I'm sure. Being able to feed my kids by doing what I love to do still has me sheddin a tear or two like a lil bytch lol! But for real tho, the reason I'm here is because I believe in GOOD KARMA and would love to help other aspiring music producers live off their beats too. Man, it's only gettin better too cuz right now I'm only at about 6K a month but shhh thats better than the 200 bucks a month I started at two years ago. So anyway, if I can help anybody get it in like they should then just let me know...
  2. K-WiZz
    Wassup mane congradulations on da success and more to come but i just got one question. I LOVE music and live for it, i recently just started getting serious with it and have been producing beats for about almost a year now and now i have a local label looking at signing me on to it, buuuuut idk if i want to join them because rite now im really not that good at demand and supply, i just make a beat and if you like it then ill sell it to you ao yea, should i work on my skills a lil bit more before i jump in to it or just learn while signed??
  3. dcsmokedown91
    haa shit son what u start out on use'in? thats badass tho
  4. city music
    city music
    @K WIZz
    Just Learn More about the Biz, if U sign to a lable, they may want U to make beats for them ONLY that can be good and bad, if they paying good for the music do yo thang
    where can we listen to some of your music?
  5. DriZO
    Glad to be part of this group. How to learn a lot.
  6. Retro Bandz
    Retro Bandz
    Whassup everyone I'm new sorta new to producing music, but i help some of my friends out with their mixtapes. So i kinda got experience, I know that you never stop learning with music but im having a big big problem with sampling, also, Im using fl studio 10. any tips on anything i will gladly appreciate it!
  7. liveoffbeats
    What type of tips specifically?
  8. GrizzlySquad
    @liveoffbeats I got some good vibes from that introduction , I'm glad to be in such a positive group. I make beats and sell them for a living - My living adjust to the amount of beats I can sell a month lol But I'm keeping my head above water at all cost. However I'm in a phase of being harshly critical on myself and I need to get back to pushing my beats and making more sales. I've found in the past sometimes the most motivating push towards inspiration can just be gratification of sales. Is this an open place to discuss marketing systems and such ?
  9. LilDrummrBoy1
    @Retro bandz. A good plugin to use in FL Studio is Edison. I pick the Edison plugin then pick the FPC Drum Machine plugin. Double click in the empty Edison track field to select a song or sample to use. Select a part(s) and right click on the track in Edison, go to Tools and select Time Stretch- Pitch Shift. That way, you can get the tempo and pitch right. Go to FPC and delete the preset sounds on the 16 pads. After you've made a selection in Edison, click the arrow on the far right tool bar in Edison and drag the sample to FPC. Go to the top right in FPC and where it says CUT change it to 1 and where it says CUT BY change it to 1 so the sample chops don't overlap each other. Finally, you can go to your step sequencer to match the drums with the sample. I hope this helps.
  10. CharliezSon
    warup cuz
    i'm a beat maker for a long time but only now i "get there" if you understand me. i'm trying to sell 50 beats i got here with no use but i dont know were to sell it, i creat it a page on soundclick but i dont know what to do so they can listen my sh**
    what do you recomend me to do/go to sell my beats? i know that i got to talk with rappers but i want to sell out of my country
    holla back please
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