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  1. OD Mayn
    OD Mayn
  2. DanMayer4L
    New beat made with maschine and logic! Check it out and give me some feedback!
  3. Kay Cee Beats
    Kay Cee Beats
    i uploads instrumentals every week check out my latest tracks and tell me what you think Kay Cee Beats
  4. done
    Hi everyone, this is my last experiment, between reggae, dub and electro. Let me know what you think about it cheers!
  5. Known916
    This is one of my latest track. Let me know what you think. I'm ready to work!
  6. ruzbeatz
    Whats good peopels!

    Here is some beatz for yall to listen to

    Go to and like my page to download 4 free beats

    For beats or collabos contact me at , Serious inquries only!
  7. D.T.E.
    D.T.E. my current work in progress, and i believe my best so far. looking for some feedback.
  8. JohnnyRicoMusic

    Johnny Rico Songs | ReverbNation

    or if you're a SoundCloud member

  9. JrMusicProductions
    Hey everyone! I'm JrMusicProductions new in the producing industry!

    Check out my beats at:
    ​Thank you for reading!
  10. Mitch Featherstone
    Mitch Featherstone
    This first one is a 132 BPM "electrofunk" and trap song that I made with producer and friend G & Dubs (

    This second one is a 97 BPM chillout track electronic with some rock and roll breakdowns

    Looking for some good feedback on any tips and production advice. I will check out any songs you want me to listen to. Follow me on soundcloud if you wish.
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