New Beat

  1. Leviibeats
    Hey Whatsupp!!

    Anyone give me some advice on cool plugins for mastering mixes, currently using logic x, stock plugins and waves plugins.
    Been researching Isotope Ozone 7 i have used 6 once before at another studio. I'm looking to purchase 7 but wanted some advice first.
    Also pls check out my New Beat Night and Day at would be great to get some feedback on the sound quality.

    Many thanks, look forward to your replies!
  2. Sincere Nokwaree
    Sincere Nokwaree
    Finally a response uh... lol Nice work fam... Nice fun light sample, like how you bang the beat out, nice little rida! Mix on point and clean sound...

    Yo check me out fam and give me some feed back...
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