Trap beats

  1. Benny Berg
    Benny Berg
    Here is a link to one of my trap beats , if any of yall wanna challenge then lets get it !!


    Good luck
  2. Benny Berg
    Benny Berg
    Just take into consideration that this is a live recording real time session so obv it is a lil muffled since its bein recorded live if u want to hear the full mp3 visit my website the beat is up theyre fully mastered and mixed !! Good luck

    Vitali Moscow | BBMG
  3. DJ Good2go
    DJ Good2go
    I Challenge with this beat full 1 will be put up later
    Can africans make Trap Music? Fl Studio Africa Trap - YouTube
  4. DZYbeats
  5. OD Mayn
    OD Mayn
    Check it out ya'll. I be on this all tha time.
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