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    The art of dialog - Part 3

    07-17-2018 09:18 AM
    Third and last part of this interlude dedicated to dialog within the framework of a record production. Today we will look at this topic from the point of view of the home studio loner... Read more on Audiofanzine

    The art of dialog - Part 2

    07-09-2018 12:39 PM
    Second part of this brief interlude dedicated to dialog within the framework of a record production. Last week I probably put the cart before the horse and this article should've certainly been published before, but inspiration wanted it to be another way. Anyway, as the old saying goes: better late than never... Read more on Audiofanzine

    The community's favorite commercial audio editors

    07-02-2018 03:25 AM
    Four years after our first poll on the topic, few things have changed in the world of audio editors, at least according to our French readers... Read more on Audiofanzine

    The art of dialog - Part 1

    06-29-2018 02:20 PM
    Before we start another chapter of this ultimate recording guide, I decided to write this article inspired by some comments to previous articles... .. Read more on Audiofanzine

    Harmonic rules for the Phrygian, Lydian and Mixolydian modes

    06-28-2018 01:04 PM
    In the previous article we started to discuss the specific rules that apply to the different harmonic modes. Today we'll continue with the Dorian, Lydian and Mixolydian modes. If you just took up reading the series, I recommend you to refer to article 46 to understand better what I'm talking about here... Read more on Audiofanzine

    Punch In / Punch Out

    06-26-2018 01:45 PM
    This time we'll look briefly into a recording technique which is as old as can be. In fact, chances are you already know it, but a brief reminder never hurt anybody. Besides, it will be the perfect occasion for newbies to discover this powerful function that lies at the core of every single modern DAW... Read more on Audiofanzine

    Harmonic rules for the Ionian and Dorian modes

    06-20-2018 01:56 PM
    In the previous articles we began to study the different means to identify modes. As we continue our way into the depths of modal harmony, today we'll start discovering the harmonic rules that determine these modes... Read more on Audiofanzine

    Recording by parts - Part 2

    06-18-2018 08:07 AM
    In today's article you'll see how to put into practice the recording by parts technique so that the end result is as natural as possible... Read more on Audiofanzine

    Other methods to identify modes

    06-14-2018 08:10 AM
    In the previous article we started to see how you can differentiate modes from each other. And we'll keep on doing the same today... Read more on Audiofanzine

    Recording by parts - Part 1

    06-17-2018 12:44 PM
    This week I invite you to discover a technique that will allow you, in some specific cases, to significantly improve the quality of your recordings. As far as I know, this technique doesn't really have a name, so I decided to call it "recording by parts" for this series of articles. Some of you might think I'm referring to the "punch in / punch out" method, but I'm not, although we will come back to it later on. So, what am I talking about here? Follow the rabbit down the hole..... Read more on Audiofanzine

    Working with virtual instruments

    06-05-2018 09:51 AM
    The long chapter dedicated to recording electric guitar has come to an end. That said, the articles in the coming weeks will deal with topics that could easily be integrated into it. But I made the choice to separate them because the things we will be addressing go well beyond the scope of the guitar. In fact, the end of the last installment where we talked about amp emulations encouraged me to write an article dedicated to virtual instruments. The use of a certain number of VSTis is extremely common in "home" productions. Yet the best way to approach the work with these tools is often to apply the same methods that you'd use if you were recording the actual instrument... Read more on Audiofanzine

    Top brands for acoustic folk guitars

    06-02-2018 08:31 AM
    Today is the turn to list the top brands for acoustic guitars. Indeed, after having done the same with electric guitars, we decided to let acoustic guitar players express their opinion. .. Read more on Audiofanzine

    Characteristic notes in the modal system

    06-01-2018 12:51 PM
    After the very brief historical and philosophical considerations of the previous article, it's time to get back to more concrete aspects... Read more on Audiofanzine

    Recording electric guitar - Alternatives

    05-30-2018 11:35 AM
    Ever since we started this series of articles, there's one thing we've repeated over and over again: the main flaw of almost any home studio is room acoustics. However, for some instruments you can bypass this issue completely, and it just so happens that electric guitar is a textbook case. Let's take a look at the different possibilities you have..... Read more on Audiofanzine

    The community's favorite amp emulators

    05-29-2018 01:03 PM
    After the war of the DAWs and electric guitars, now is the turn of high-end amp emulators! Once again we asked our French community to share with us their preferences regarding high-end amp emulators. We intentionally reduced the list to the most important and reputed options on the market... Read more on Audiofanzine

    Recording electric guitar - Tips and tricks

    05-23-2018 11:42 AM
    This week I will reveal to you some very simple tricks that ought to allow you to get a guitar sound that is more "lively" or "produced," for lack of a better word... Read more on Audiofanzine

    The community's favorite battery-powered interfaces

    05-22-2018 12:20 PM
    Having an audio interface is very nice. Being able to use it anywhere is even better. Several manufacturers have introduced audio interfaces running on batteries to cater to the needs of nomad or wildlife-loving musicians who work only with a tablet, smartphone or laptop. With this in mind, we decided to ask our French community to tell us about their favorite battery-powered audio interfaces... Read more on Audiofanzine

    Historical and philosophical perspectives on modes

    05-21-2018 07:58 AM
    In the previous article, I introduced you to modal harmony and recovered, with a slight change of perspective, the concepts of mode, scale and key you saw at the beginning of this series. Before continuing with technical explanations, I thought it would be interesting to put forth some brief historical and philosophical considerations about modes... Read more on Audiofanzine

    The community's favorite modeling combos

    05-19-2018 09:59 AM
    Whether you're just starting out with the guitar or you're simply looking for an affordable and practical tool, modeling combos are an attractive alternative to amplify your instrument. All major brands have their own models and the offer is huge, so it's not easy to choose one! That's why we asked our French community to vote for their favorites and, as usual, we decided to share the results with you. Our selection includes popular models that are still available for sale. Don't hesitate adding to this list by contributing in the comments!.. Read more on Audiofanzine

    Recording electric guitar - Amps in a home studio

    05-18-2018 11:19 AM
    "S**t, I forgot that!" Have you ever had that feeling when you came out of a test or an important interview? I bet you have, surely at least the "s**t" part... Well that's exactly what I thought a couple of days ago regarding the chapter dedicated to electric guitar... Fortunately, the publication rhythm of the series gives me the opportunity to set the record straight in a more or less elegant way. So, today I will tackle the matter of amp guitars in a home studio. Better late than never!.. Read more on Audiofanzine

    Introduction to modes and modal harmony

    05-16-2018 10:44 AM
    Today I invite you to continue on this harmonic trip with a completely new topic. But it's not just any topic! In fact, it might just shatter some of your most deeply entrenched beliefs and fundamental certainties regarding harmony! Let me introduce you to modes and modal harmony!.. Read more on Audiofanzine

    The best freeware to make music

    05-09-2018 05:10 AM
    Making music with your computer when you don't have a penny is possible. And to prove our point here you have 150+ free software tools many of which don't have anything to envy their paid counterparts... Read more on Audiofanzine

    From Hollywood to Virtual Reality

    05-08-2018 07:38 AM
    Scott Gershin is one of the top sound designers working today. He's been creating sounds for over 30 years and has a credit list a mile long, which includes films such as Nightcrawler, Pacific Rim, Hellboy 2, Star Trek, American Beauty, and Shrek, among many others. His game credits include Doom (2016), Resident Evil, Epic Mickey, Gears of War, Resident Evil and Fable. These days, Gershin is Creative Director/ Director of Editorial at Technicolor and is the leader of its Sound Lab team... Read more on Audiofanzine

    Voicings for piano (end)

    05-05-2018 01:48 PM
    As you already saw, due to orchestration (delegating the root to the instrument carrying the bass line) or simplification (making voicings lighter), you can take away all sort of notes from your voicings, according to your needs. At the same time, in the last couple of articles, I have striven to present to you more concrete examples of the theoretical concepts we've seen, with a practical application on the piano. This necessarily leads to new forms of voicing modifications. And, as you'll see, chord progressions on the piano were never so easy!.. Read more on Audiofanzine

    Voicings for piano (continued)

    05-02-2018 12:14 PM
    In the previous article we started to discuss how to apply to the piano everything you've seen so far regarding voicings. Today we'll continue doing the same... Read more on Audiofanzine

    Recording electric guitar - DI Joe

    04-29-2018 10:47 PM
    When you talk about electric guitar, it's inevitable to think about the instrument and an amp. To the point that when you mention "direct recording" to some guitar players, they cry "heresy!" and shun it as a sort of safety net for budding audio engineers. And yet, many legendary tracks include guitar parts recorded sending the guitar signal directly into the console, without going into an amp. And we are talking about thousands of records! Here's a non-exhaustive list..... Read more on Audiofanzine

    The community's favorite Ableton Live controllers

    04-28-2018 09:05 AM
    Many of you out there use the famous Ableton sequencer and at one time or another have surely considered getting a controller to gain some creativity, comfort and speed... Read more on Audiofanzine

    Left-hand voicings for piano

    04-27-2018 09:41 AM
    Today I will change a bit the usual approach of this article series. What I intend to do this time is to leave aside the purely theoretical aspect and put into practice, in a very simple manner, what we've been discussing in the previous articles regarding voicings... Read more on Audiofanzine

    Recording electric guitar - Hardware

    04-24-2018 06:43 PM
    In this new installment I will suggest some mics and DIs to record electric guitar. By no means is this list meant to be an exhaustive one. As usual, I will stick to the standard solutions which have proved their worth through the years, so the least experienced among you know how you can go safe... Read more on Audiofanzine

    Recording electric guitar - With or without effects? - Part 3

    04-21-2018 07:16 AM
    Granted, the techniques you saw last time are not exactly meant for beginners. That said, I think they allow you to get results that easily compensate for the headaches that thinking about the "routing" needed to carry them out entails. Today we'll look into a concrete use case... Read more on Audiofanzine