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    EastWest Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Gold Edition - Slightly outdated yet awesome tool

    by julian_r7 on 09-20-2014 09:14 AM I was about to start a project that required orchestral samples and I got advice to use Quantum Leap: it turns out that this was great, because it spared me from going through hundreds of mediocre plugins. The installing process is as simple as any other plugin of the sort: install it and load it from your DAW. I never had any compatibility issues, and the software is clear enough that it does not require a manual for basic use: all the modelling tools are visible from start. I only did resort to the manual when I came to use Keyswitch samples and other advanced options, and not only the instructions were clear but also it provided me with means of making my music more realistic and full of subtleties.

    EastWest Voices Of The Apocalypse - For very particular uses only

    by julian_r7 on 09-20-2014 08:45 AM The general configuration is as easy as it gets: a very straightforward install and then you just load Kontakt and drop the program in it. Then select the types of voices. You will probably take some time to get acquainted with the tool and develop a good workflow. You get to pick and choose consonants and wovels to build your words, which makes for a tiresome process. Actually some users developed utilities to solve this.

    Vox VT20+ - very nice but flat for the metal.

    by jafi on 09-20-2014 08:43 AM Modeling amp with a 12AX7 tube that comes after the transistor part of 20 watts to 30 watts with the lamp. with lots of effects including vintage effects to the Jimi Hendrix (octave ...) is the specialty of vox. Amp Model List (33) * Three Version of Each amp model are Provided: Standard, Special, and Custom. Clean, Cali Clean, US Blues, US 2x12, VOX AC15, VOX AC30, UK Rock, UK Metal, US High Gain, US Metal, Metal Shop Effect Model List (25) Pedal: Comp, Acoustic, Auto Wah, U-Vibe, Brn Octave, Treble Boost, Tube OD (overdrive), Gold Drive, Org Dist, Metal Dist, Fuzz Modulation / Delay: CE Chorus, Multi Chorus, Flanger, Org Phase, Twin Trem, G4 Rotary, Pitch Shift, Filtron, Tape Echo, Delay, Chorus + Delay Reverb: Room, Spring, Hall Noise Reduction Preset Song (33) tuner button, master, power. optional pedalboard, it is robust

    Softube Tube-Tech CL1B - Silky Smooth - the Tube-Tech CL1B

    by S2D on 09-20-2014 07:13 AM The Softube Tube-Tech CL1B is a plugin emulation of the original hardware unit by the same name. The hardware compressor has been around since 1987 and was created in Denmark as an updated LA-2A opto style of compressor. It has a legendary reputation and a starring role as the go to compressor in many top studios around the world, so it's easy to see why Softube decided to make a plugin to mimic the hardware. From the beginning, installation is straight forward although you do need an iLok to run the plugin...and the less said about that the better. Anyway, once you have everything up and running in your DAW the configuration is very simple and the GUI is exactly the same as the hardware unit and beautifully done, infact you'll probably spend the first 5 minutes foaming at the mouth at how good it looks but of course it's not all about the looks, luckily though it sounds even better. The manual should be briefly consulted to get yourself familiar with the 3 different 'attack/release SELECT' sections, or you could just take my word for it when i say; 'Fixed' has an Attack time of 1 millisecond, and a Release time of 50 milliseconds. 'Manual' allows the user to set the attack time from 0.5 to 300 milliseconds and the release time from 0.05 seconds to 10 seconds. and 'Fix/Man' is a combination of both and you will definitely need to read the manual for this as it is quite complex It also features a side-chaining option like a lot of other compressors, the manual has a section where it gives settings to try for different applications such as vocals, guitars etc and this could be a starting point for new users of the CL1B.

    Morley MSW - Mini Wah Maverick

    by terenceyvorra on 09-20-2014 04:26 AM it s aggit of a pedal wah it combines ease of use modern (optical detection) and a pretty vintage sound in the sense that ca n steve vai is not a sign she has a exelent beffer c the only non true bypass that I have and I didn acute loss of in out 9v DC

    Samick OM 8CE Greg Bennett

    by Brokenjig on 09-20-2014 04:08 AM Samick Greg Bennett OM8 THIS TOP Solid Cedar, back, sides rosewood, rosewood bridge, electro acoustic, Fishman preamp with onboard tuner

    DV Mark DV7 Booster - exellent!

    by terenceyvorra on 09-20-2014 04:04 AM 7-band equalizer and a booster both functions are intependantes true bypass factory in Italy in out energizable 9 to 12V

    Fender ABS Molded Precision Bass / Jazz Bass Case - Fender beautiful case!

    by farid601 on 09-20-2014 03:54 AM I own this case since one month .Prior this model I used a holster brand Gator (very good), this one is the entry level Fender that takes nothing. aesthetic side I find it rather nice and sober interior is lined with black fur (damage another color would have given him a less austere appearance) that protects the well instrument.Normalement to receive one as a Jazz Bass Precision that seems rather expected it to JB are also finding its place but it houses more difficult but nothing serious ... Question weight is not particularly light + or - 4kg, as we add 4kg of the instrument and some trinkets (Jack, tuner, etc.) is easily passes the 8kgs ,, happily handle the team rather confortable.Un small problem concerning the closing of the case entirely of plastic which raises questions about their life ... The price / quality ratio is pretty good and as to whether I remake this chois only time will tell.

    Vox AC15C1 - REALLY AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!

    by mac book on 09-20-2014 03:45 AM everything was already said to be on great amp, it's lights 15 watts of power, two separate channels normal channel and top boost channel reverse, great tremolo as well

    DiMarzio DP209 P-90 Super Distortion - Black - It is aptly named!

    by HenryBacchi on 09-20-2014 01:21 AM I put it on a Gibson p90 Lespaul USA 89. Bridge in position. The result is astonishing even in version spittée. Its clear this is perfect and very well balanced of bass treble mimic perfectly; obviously this is not a simple true. But it's still better than Classic'57 Gibson, for once, with this microphone output level high .The distortion is great right High Gain is a treat. Distortion I do not like the pickups that are rendered mushy, I like everything to be defined and rich harmoniques.C'est the case with this DiMarzio. Level silent when we do not play ... it's super clean. Coupling with other p90 is not a problem. Be careful when mounting and soldering; there must be potentiometers suitable for this type of microphone or the sound shook crappy ... obviously .. It will delight those plays saturax; it's DiMarzio and it shows. This mic is a reference, it's a mythical micro Catalogue DiMarzio since the beginning of the company. It's a best seller. "Super Distortion" is one that has the output level of the above; I invite you to visit the manufacturer's website.

    Peavey Wolfgang Special - Excellent

    by legwenosor on 09-20-2014 12:50 AM Korean guitar 22 frets, bridge locking Floyd Peavey under license + D-tuner, volume knob. Channel and comfortable touch Simple and unadorned I find it too good

    Softube Valley People Dyna-mite - Explosive dynamics tool

    by S2D on 09-20-2014 12:22 AM Softube's Valley People Dyna-mite is a dynamics processor based on a 1980's hardware unit of the same name but originally created by Valley People who are part of the PMI group, which is who Softube licences it from. If you want to find out more about the original Dyna-mite hardware unit made by Valley People then you should have a look on their website or even on Softube's website as they have the hardware manual to download as well as their own plugin version. The manual is informative (as you would expect) and the website has a short and user-friendly PDF guide to each explain each feature and even suggests typical uses such as Limiting, de-essing, gating, expanding and keying and the settings to dial in to achieve each use. The link for this is below if you would like to have a sneaky peak; http://www.softube.com/files/Valley%20People%20Dyna-mite%20Quick%20Guide.pdf There are even a few diagrams to show how the limiting, expanding and gating work as well as the circuit layout/configuration for the plugin. Installation is also kept secure, well explained and straightforward enough much like other Softube's products.

    EVH Wolfgang Special - Black

    by vinz115 on 09-20-2014 12:06 AM There are several Wolfgang mine is a Made In Japan. The finish not change a bad model to another in what I've seen here and even within a single production unit. So mine has a key bird eye rather loaded and the neck is flamed, you can not see the table (very fine) maple because it is painted black. For basic feature (pitch microphones etc) all said I think in prior reviews. There is no bevel to the forearm or back to accommodate the body of the guitar and the top is flat unlike the US models. This is important because the floyd is on the table and can not go beyond a certain point .... logic.

    Richmond Belmont - excellent guitar to own ...

    by alphamae on 09-19-2014 11:27 PM You will find everything on the manufacturer's website. I'm just saying congratulations for the quality of wood used. It smells Canadian forest with trees that ring hairy remaining light to bear on our poor back guitarist.

    Fender Road Worn '50s Stratocaster - Black Maple - Good secondhand

    by Megajp on 09-19-2014 08:38 PM Fender made in MEXICO with parts from the USA supposedly ... Relic that is to say Eroded artificially. A brief Pigné TARS across a rusty vibrato and parts coming from nowhere ... an ugly duckling priori.

    PreSonus Temblor T10 - Dandy

    by djsalva@live.fr on 09-19-2014 07:31 PM The frequency and size of membrane Studio fits very well with HS5 9

    Inkel MX-991

    by vital11 on 09-19-2014 07:13 PM A very 70's style, imposing a size larger than a can Technics SL-1210. 4-track stereo RCA / jack 6.35 and 6.35 4 mono track Effects section dedicated to Delay (delay has very good old really interesting) We have a bass and mid EQ

    Tornade MS Pickups Humbucker P.A.F '59s - Terrible

    by kristofdx on 09-19-2014 04:16 PM I chose these bam 59 mounted on my Lespaul classic, because I had heard about the manufacturer, I had originally mounted al marshallhead wolftones not sound that bad at all, and ... I took a slap! the bam 59 have transformed my Lespaul of a Peugeot in a jaguar, the sound is perfect, very close, very accurate, they fully meet my expectations, its a very 70's, the aerosmith, ac, dc, or peter frampton .. . brief, I love that sound, and I'm not close to sell this black Les Paul that I love !! the fineness of his my scotshé, even in the clear, mic easel inning, middle position, everything is nickel, very balanced, a slap to my ears, and that of neighboring :) I note 9.5, and I sign. Bravo artist, which in addition is very nice! ms tornado, aptly named !! buy, no hesitate, ca wake up your guitar!

    EMG SEHG - "Ah yes, but NOT !! 3 times no!"

    by jesussaves on 09-19-2014 05:15 AM At the time, only produced EMG EMG active (ie battery), but the idea of ​​having a silent microphone without having to worry about changing the battery regularly made me look for an alternative. when I heard about the SELECT manufactured by EMG, I thought I had found THE gem for pickups. So I bought a kit HSS I rode on an old ARIA PRO II type super strat '(alder body, vibrato, etc ...) which had a very good violin. Bitter disappointment !!! Of course, the background noise was much less than my old passive pickups ......... but then the sound definition was deplorable! No attack, basses who vomited everywhere and especially no punch ... Though I correct the EQ on the amp, nothing came out correct. I quickly sold it all quickly done well. 10 years later (already?), I fall at a mate on a Hohner headless guitar originally equipped with the same kit. I said "Well, go go! Maybe I am wrong? I'll try again." Hou! It's ugly !!! Hou! It not ring! Besides my friend himself admitted regret not having enough money to put EMG instead of those stews! Today, there is now the EMG-HZ, which certainly have nothing to envy the real EMG ('must be consistent), but have AT LEAST a little more banging and treble. In short, I did not like at all ...

    IK Multimedia T-Racks Brickwall Limiter - A Solid Brickwall Limiter

    by S2D on 09-19-2014 04:38 AM The IK Multimedia T racks 'Brickwall Limiter' is available for both Windows and MAC and was totally compatible with my OSX 10.6.8 system with 4GB of RAM using Logic Pro 9. The setup process is sort of straight forward, but it is highly useful if you are installing it on a computer with internet access, otherwise you will be given a code to save to your desktop and transfer onto a computer with internet access so that IK Multimedia's installer can verify you have a legitimate serial number, then you have to transfer more data give to you back to the computer you want to use the plugin on and this will authorise the plugin for that computer. It is understandable given that they want to protect against mass piracy of their product. Once authorised, you just select the plugin from the menu in your DAW and you are good to go, the GUI of the plugin on it's own is simple, clear and easily accessible - unless you are using it within the T racks full skin in which case it might take 10 or 15 minutes to figure the setup out properly. When it comes to T racks plugins and the discussion about the GUI arises, you will always hear people complain about 'that damn dinosaur logo!', in this case i would suggest to suck it up and get used to it because it is here to stay so you might as well learn to love it along with the sound quality of their plugins like this one.

    Joyo JF-14 American Sound

    by plouplou007 on 09-19-2014 03:46 AM Simulation of a fender amp 57 deluxe ?, housing metal, plastic base, 9 volt battery and external power. It seems sturdy.

    Elypse Guitars Ruby Drop - Weak housing, switch obsolete

    by plouplou007 on 09-19-2014 03:04 AM Non-editable analog overdrive Tubescreamer type, cast aluminum housing while

    Ibiza Light LED Butterfly

    by slouptoouut on 09-19-2014 01:48 AM Small effect, like "derby" with more beams, but less power. Possibility to choose the colors individually DMX (with controller), or in auto mode 2 (without DMX controller) musical mode with microphone sensitive enough It does not have the power or make the same impact that a real derby, however I find it very good for the price (that price must not ask too much) it is compact, covers a wide angle, microphone sensitivity allows its use even at home (with a simple stereo, without the scream!) just fine for small private parties, and low power consumption will not be a problem (even on car battery + inverter! ) We can just miss a little light engineering, a rather noisy fan (and my copy, dirty lens on the inside as he had not yet turned ... probably fingerprints left by the Chinese who mounted!)

    Native Instruments Guitar Rig 4 Pro - A must-have

    by julian_r7 on 09-18-2014 10:10 PM I first approached Guitar Rig when I was taking my first steps in mixing and mastering, and even then it was quite easy for me to load the plugin and get it to work on Nuendo or as a Standalone. I've tried it in a good number of PCs with no compatibility issues. The only problem that may arise, as with every software of the kind, is compatibility issues between your sound card, and the ASIO drivers. The graphic nature of Guitar Rig makes the manual almost useless, in my opinion. The fact that the pedals and boxes are stacked as in a visible traditional guitar rack helps to easily put order to long chains of effects. As for the software itself if doesn't have much options or menus to deal with, so you'll find yourself mastering Guitar Rig in a short time without ever resorting to the manual. You can work with presets or build a whole set of FX from scratch. Most of the times, for practicing, quick demo recordings, etc, the presets will be more than enough (there are a good deal and they are quite the first thing you get access to).

    Fender Slide - not bad!

    by inki999 on 09-18-2014 09:51 PM Purchased today, I was looking for an interface to plug my guitar on my iPad. Comes with 2 connectors (USB and lightning), we can plug it into ipad or pc. A volume control, a headphone output, and a mix dry / wet, for no switch against hi Z, shame ... The sound is good, a slight lag is noticeable but just configure their apps (jam xt pro for me) in low latency and it rolls. Against by not including the interest of the dry / wet mix that allows her guitar untreated / treated her, a sort of direct monitoring? Anyway, I will try to trade him, the absence of HI Z switch bothers me to connect my active guitars.

    Korg Delta - First instrument

    by Boulolot on 09-18-2014 09:41 PM Leaving the army (conscription), this is my first synth that allowed me to learn music and be part of a group. it has served me well for the first balls in Normandy. Pretty solid and simple programming, it might already be outdated at the time but with the immense fortune that I had not, I could play on stage without complex. Very simple settings are accessible to all newcomers. not need the manual in multiple languages. Too bad there were no markers. But if we wanted to keep the memory of sounds, it was not difficult to prepare this index cards and register settings. For me, even if it did not exceed the Trident of the same brand, it could be used for many things in public as well as solo. Nostalgia can be!

    Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 - génialissime

    by ZeroFromKellen on 09-18-2014 09:36 PM there knowing absolutely nothing of the mao I look into the opinions of some of my relatives who themselves are well wedged in millieux, and this interface as do almost unanimously have recommended it to me x times so I bet on trust ... and I was right .. especially as it is given. is minimally equipped (yet) mao level, I plug my head of Blackstar amp HT20 its output out, I read them directly to the sound card, and nothing that I have a more than satisfactory sound! I also use it with a microphone and even the two simultanéement quality is in no way altered the ball .. what. I use it mainly to record my riffs or compo, I also used to PSUs quality of my videos (ie micro + guitar)

    TK Audio BC1mk2 - awesome clone

    by bigjo291 on 09-18-2014 09:33 PM it is a type compressor vac (a very good clone ssl bus g) 1 rack units. Analog entirely if I remember rightly c a vac home dbx (like ssl) xlr

    Neumann KH 120 A - Black - small but definite

    by bigjo291 on 09-18-2014 08:56 PM the main feature that has motivated my choice was the frequency response curve, I wanted to mix mainly of quality monitor and flat as possible nearfield, I have been served. connect to my mixer Tascam M3500 and a universal audio apollo

    Solton TS4k - Mode of employment sought

    by Hugo Lebel on 09-18-2014 08:42 PM I desperately seeking the manual of this Solton Ts-4k ... Who can help me?
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