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    Waves Center - Waves Center Plug-in Review

    by on 04-24-2015 11:53 AM Here is my review of Waves' Center plug-in. I use this plug-in mainly to help bring out vocals of a mixed track. But there are other places where I can use it as well. Please check out the review t...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Nektar Impact LX61 - Impact 61 Review by C-Los

    by on 04-24-2015 11:45 AM A great MIDI keyboard controller with all of your desired features is hard to come by today. Either they keys are too flimsy, or there aren’t any drums pads on it, or it has everything and it costs...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Apple Logic Pro X - Logic Pro X Review by C-Los

    by on 04-24-2015 11:41 AM Everyone says that Pro Tools is the industry standard. But for me as a primarily hip-hop producer, Logic is the logical solution. With this DAW you will be able to record, mix, master, create using...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Takamine EAN15C - Absolutely outstanding guitar. Top quality instrument.

    by on 04-23-2015 02:12 AM I’m 54, and been playing since I was 11/12. Up till now, I’ve never written a guitar review, having never felt the need. Guitars are like women. Some are great, others not so great and just plain b...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Roland JV-90 - JV90 build and sound

    by on 04-22-2015 11:02 PM [b]Build[/b] Keyboard has good feel and is quiet. The body is lightweight and slim. Knobs and switches are safely indented in the face. Screen is bright clear and simple. [b]Sounds[/b] [b]...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Zoom TAC-2 - Very easy to use and setup

    by on 04-19-2015 10:20 PM I've posted a youtube video of my comparisons on these two products. I will admit, without looking at the video I had a hard time telling which was which. The Duet was an older unit with the olde...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Epiphone Goth Les Paul Studio - Pitch Black - Simply a gem!

    by on 04-19-2015 07:34 AM This is the first guitar I bought and even though I have a Fender Strat lying around nowadays, this is the one I use for every music style I play. It is more than worth the price and I won’t exagge...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Serato Scratch live SL - One of The Best DJ Investments I've Made

    by on 04-17-2015 06:48 AM The switch from straight Vinyl to Serato took me some time, not because of the software but rather because I had to build my digital library. So for a few months while I did that I was rocking both...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Technics SL-1200 M5G - Technics 1200M5G is The Highest Quality Turntable / DJ Tool Out There

    by on 04-17-2015 06:14 AM Solidly built these great turntables should last you a lifetime without any problems. They are built like tanks (heavy as a tank too only problem but it too has a function) The torque on The 1200 M...Read more on Audiofanzine

    TC-Helicon VoiceLive 2 - Rediscover Voicelive 2 with SmartVL2

    by on 04-14-2015 10:26 PM I love this footswitch for the quality of the effects and harmony. It is a complete pedal to the singer. I use it for live gigs with my rock band and also as sound card to play or record on my com...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Waves Gold Native Bundle - Great Starting Place for Mixing Tools

    by on 04-14-2015 12:19 AM Waves Gold is one the industry’s most popular mixing and mastering bundles. If you are new to mixing, I would highly recommend Waves Gold for getting your feet wet. It comes with 29 great plug-ins ...Read more on Audiofanzine

    iZotope Ozone 6 - Beats By C-Los Review

    by on 04-14-2015 12:14 AM Being and artists, husband, and a father of three, money can be tight at times. But I desire to make great music from the lyrics, to the production and mixing, and mastering. If you ask any music i...Read more on Audiofanzine

    iZotope Alloy 2 - Review by Beats By C-Los

    by on 04-14-2015 12:10 AM I bought Izotope’s Alloy 2 close to graduating college for Music Production last year. I got it bundled with Ozone 6 as an investment for the mixing and mastering services I offer. I enjoy mixing w...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Boss TR-2 Tremolo - Worth it, but not at full price

    by on 04-13-2015 07:28 AM I’d like to start out by saying that this pedal is worth it if you buy it at a discount or second hand because it’s a Boss pedal and they will work just fine even if they’re from the 80s. This is g...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Warmoth Telecaster - Build Your Own Dream Guitar

    by on 04-12-2015 06:01 PM I have become a guitar snob. I lay the blame at the feet of Warmoth. Before I found their website I was happy to buy guitars off the rack. Now, if a guitar does not have ALL the features I want,...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Siel Keytek CTS-2000 - Truly underrated, great synth

    by on 04-11-2015 02:50 PM Back in the days I gave this synthesizer a try at the stores. I wasn't impressed with the depth of the sound (presets) at all. And since I didn't have much time to dive in deeper and sort out the e...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Reverend Avenger - Streamlined and Innovative

    by on 04-08-2015 06:38 AM [b]Overview[/b] If you have ever played a Reverend, then you may know what I mean when I use the words "streamlined" and "innovative" to describe these wonderful guitars. Since the late 90s, Rev...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Vox VT40+ - The 'catch all' guitar amp

    by on 04-07-2015 12:15 PM [b]Overview[/b] Vox is a name that is synonymous with quality guitar amplifiers. They are especially famous for their tube amplifiers that produce warm clean tones and smooth overdrives, like th...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Fender Blues Junior - The affordable Fender sound

    by on 04-06-2015 11:21 PM [b]Overview[/b] The Fender Blues Jr. is easily one of Fender's most popular guitar amplifiers of the past decade. In addition to the classic black tolex model, there have been several limited ed...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Samson Technologies Carbon 49 - A Controller for a Niche Audience

    by on 04-06-2015 02:54 AM The Samson Carbon 49 is a new 49-key MIDI keyboard, most notably featuring a slot to insert an iPad for use with mobile software. The keyboard, while serving some functions excellently, is lacking...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Bogner Ecstasy Red - Good Features But Not the Best Sound

    by on 04-06-2015 01:19 AM When I went from a multi-effects device to individual pedals I needed a good distortion pedal to anchor my sound. I wanted a distortion pedal that included a boost feature. I also wanted control ...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Ableton Live 9 Intro - Live 9 Magic on a Beginners' Scale

    by on 04-06-2015 12:35 AM Ableton Live 9 Intro edition offers the famed Ableton session view and Simpler, Drum/Instrument/Effect Rack, and Impulse tools without the mass of further instruments and sounds, appealing to the V...Read more on Audiofanzine

    CAD Equitek E100S - The Workhorse

    by on 04-04-2015 11:11 AM [b]Overview[/b] Working on a home studio budget comes with its own set of challenges and limitations. When resources are limited, versatility and functionality are essential in equipment choices...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Malekko Ekko 616 - From Quiet to Chaotic

    by on 04-04-2015 09:11 AM [b]A Brief History of Bucket Brigade[/b] Delay effects have been produced by different means for over 50 years, from physical tape manipulation to "delay in a box" units of all shapes and sizes...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Boss DD-3 Digital Delay - Proper Boss quality

    by on 04-04-2015 06:15 AM Being a fan of Tool and other such progressive metal bands, I needed to look for a good quality delay pedal which offered me all the functionalities that I require, while also being at an affordabl...Read more on Audiofanzine

    JBL LSR305 - Small, but Mighty

    by on 04-04-2015 05:06 AM [b]At a Glance[/b] With the massive expansion of home studios in the past decade, there has also come a massive expansion of products for home studios. One essential ingredient to a delicious ho...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Sennheiser e 609 silver - Very versatile addition to a beginner's studio

    by on 04-04-2015 01:59 AM The Sennheiser e609 is advertised chiefly as an instrument mic, and at that it excels. As advertised in its description, its shape makes it excellent for miking not only guitar cabs but also vario...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Marshall MB15 - Great value for a practice amp

    by on 04-04-2015 12:29 AM Mainly being a guitarist, I decided two years ago to explore the Bass guitar and maybe even improve my guitar rhythm playing by doing so, therefore I got myself a bass guitar, did research for a ba...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Audio-Technica ATH-M40x - A step up from the rest.

    by on 04-03-2015 11:59 PM [b]Searching for "The Sound"[/b] The world of headphones is a world of endless possibilities. One might think all headphones are simply designed to create 'good sound,' but this could not be fur...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Lovepedal ETERNITY BURST - The pedal that's always on.

    by on 04-03-2015 05:56 AM [b]Overview[/b] The Lovepedal Eternity "Burst" overdrive pedal is one of many discontinued editions that Lovepedal has released over the years. The Burst overdrive in particular is one of the mo...Read more on Audiofanzine
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