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    Koch Studiotone XL - A pure delight !!

    by Zéro Kill on 10-22-2014 05:22 AM The characteristics are the same as the Studiotone but here we are talking about a 40 watt and a slightly larger size. Roughly three canals with a shared EQ. DI output for external recording live with different voicing (not tested yet in my case). One little even to be silent amp and playing it without damage. Headphone output. Loop (very effective btw) effect. 3 x 12AX7 preamp and 4 X EL84 power. Speaker 12 in the manufacturer. Reverb and foot switch. In short if you want all the details see the site it will be more comprehensive. The finish is gorgeous and impeccable !! Read more on Audiofanzine

    Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 - Solid bare essentials audio interface

    by TreDay on 10-22-2014 05:20 AM The 2i2 features 2 XLR-TRS combo inputs with independent volume knobs that have an LED ring around them to indicate levels. These inputs can be switched between line and instrument levels independently of each other. There’s a 48v button for microphones that require phantom power. There are 2 ¼” TS outputs on the back for your monitors. You can enable direct monitoring via a switch on the front and control the overall output of the audio interface via the monitor knob. There’s also a headphone output with an independent volume knob. The interface is bus-powered and connects to your computer from one USB port on the back. The one downside to the unit is that it doesn’t have a MIDI input/output which some audio interfaces in this price range do have. Read more on Audiofanzine

    Korg nanoPAD2 - White - Not so good velocity pads, great XY pad!

    by TreDay on 10-22-2014 05:04 AM The unit is USB powered with one mini USB port. It features 16 velocity-sensitive pads and a single X-Y pad. It's very small, light, and portable. It's entirely plastic and a little flimsy. The pads themselves are significantly smaller than full-sized drum controller pads, but still big enough to be played without accidentally hitting multiple pads. Unfortunately, the quality of the pads is not as good as other pad controllers out there. The pads are a bit mushy with a bit of play before they'll trigger a sound. This means you have to hit the pad fairly hard to trigger a sound reliably, which makes playing lightly to get very low velocity notes very difficult if not impossible. It's pretty easy to get started with, you simply plug it in and play. There are 4 lights used to represent 4 scenes which you switch between with the scene button. Each scene can be customized to send different midi values or behave differently with the Korg Kontrol Editor software. Each pad can also be customized to send up to 4 notes per pad. The software itself has a nice layout with everything on one page and you can easily change each pad to act as either a standard drum pad or as a toggle for things like clip launching in Ableton Live. One interesting function is the touch scale which turns the X-Y pad into a midi ribbon controller sending notes determined by where you press on the pad. With the Gate Arpeggiator enabled, your notes will trigger in sync with your host. The velocity sensitive pads each have a note and scale written above them on the controller and when you hold down the Scale or Key button and press one of these pads, the XY pad will be quantized to that particular scale or key. The unit has most of the significant musical scales including Chromatic, Major, Minor, Pentatonics, Blues scale, and it also supports one user made scale that you can define in the Kontrol Software. The NanoPad2 doesn't generate sounds itself but Korg does supply a very nice software bundle with the NanoPad which includes Korg M1LE, UVI Digital Synsations, EZ Drummer Lite, AAS Ultra Analog Sessions, Lounge Lizard Sessions, and Strum Sessions. I haven't tried other pad controllers in this price range, but while the velocity sensitive pads aren't very good compared to more expensive products that feature drum pads like Native Instruments Maschine or Akai MPCs, the touch scale feature of the XY Pad makes the NanoPad2 worth purchasing. It's a pretty cheap unit at around $50 USD and the build quality certainly reflects that, but with the touch arpeggiator you get a pretty fun and inspiring way of creating leads and arpeggiated melodies. Read more on Audiofanzine

    Cakewalk Rapture - Extremely deep synth!

    by TreDay on 10-22-2014 05:02 AM Installing Rapture is a snap with no extra license manager applications to install. That said, the interface can be a bit overwhelming to someone first loading it. There's a page for each oscillator and each envelope for those oscillators which means making your own patches will require lots of flipping back and forth between the oscillator and envelope pages until you're done tweaking. There are also lots of small text options on the interface for adjusting things like detune, velocity tracking, etc. It's not the most straight-forward interface, but the manual does describe all of the interface functions succinctly.Read more on Audiofanzine

    D'Addario XL Nickel Round Wound - EXL148 12-60 Extra Heavy - Ideal for the drop C

    by 8oris on 10-22-2014 04:09 AM # How long have you use it? About 4 years, at a rate of 6 games per year. # What is the particular feature you like best and least? Plus: - Pulling, D'Addario was one of the first to offer this drawing - Sustainability: 1:30 to 2 months due to play per day (for cons, I have hands that are more likely to be dry than moist) - The color system to navigate between 6 strings - Attractive price - A new game does not sound too "twang-twang" as with Ernie Ball The least: - Poorly distributed: hard to find without a purchase online. # Have you tried many other models before buying it? Yes. The Ernie Ball (yuck, never understood the popularity of this brand), DR (blah, did not leave me a great memory and super expensive), the Rotosound. # How would you rate the quality / price? Pretty good. I'm two months with a game, it's mostly non-threaded strings that oxidize quickly. # With experience, you do again this choice? Yes. Note that the price has dropped slightly in recent years. It went from € 6 20-5 € 90. Read more on Audiofanzine

    DigiTech Jimi Hendrix Experience - owl !!

    by legwenosor on 10-22-2014 03:26 AM see on the net Read more on Audiofanzine

    Line 6 AMPLIFi 75 - very well

    by legwenosor on 10-22-2014 03:16 AM amp transistor. 75w - 5 Speakers full of effects and amp simulation ... probably a pod "something" lurking in there. seen on the net for details. Read more on Audiofanzine

    Mellotron M4000D Mini - A design to fall !!!

    by slyooney on 10-22-2014 03:06 AM That's what drew my eye first while I was not at all come to that. For specifications: http://www.mellotron.com/digital-mini-mellotron.html Read more on Audiofanzine

    Ampeg GVT52-112 - sublime

    by tamfranc1 on 10-22-2014 02:21 AM all-tube amp. power 50 or 25 watts. both channels with separate settings Baxandall EQ fine and performing. reverb effects loop boost Read more on Audiofanzine

    Audiophony SR12A - AudioPhony sr 12

    by jplessy on 10-22-2014 02:15 AM Hello I have these speakers 3 weeks and I'm bluffing with their power quality and I am a fan of bass and these speakers are perfect before I owned a pair of Reloop RABS 15 amp and has nothing to see. All is good in these forums no point negative they are light Read more on Audiofanzine

    Cort G254 - Walnut Satin - A good first guitar versatility!

    by antho.p on 10-22-2014 01:51 AM Indonesian manufacturing. Wilkinson vintage-type bridge. 22 frets, three pickups in HSS config with double splittable One volume, one tone coevally split twice pulling the knob. Rosewood handle. Read more on Audiofanzine

    Laney VC15-110 - A good amp

    by antho.p on 10-22-2014 01:39 AM All-tube amp (3x 12AX7 preamp and 2 x EL84 power), 15W. 2 channels. Reverb. Pedal footswitch to activate the overdrive and reverb channel. Input for external speaker as well as an effects loop. EQ (Bass / Midle / trebble) and que'un additional knob Tone playing as a tone knob on a guitar HP by Jensen sending! Bright Switch which boosts the treble. Read more on Audiofanzine

    John Bowen Synth Design Solaris - Solaris, cardboard?

    by kalaspace on 10-22-2014 01:20 AM The characteristics are published everywhere, as usual I put a few good and bad surprises. + Button Assignment 1 and 2 to modulate, it allows additional controls + Fx bypass button -no spread stereo unison! -no stack for unison (like the Andromeda) :( -no hard sync on minimoog waves, waldorf, prophet vs some mm1 whose jaws (supersaw), morphs, noise. :( -etapes envelopes limited to 20 seconds or less (it seems long, but exp mode, it's very limited on dynamically evolving pad): / ~ Boot lasts 30 seconds With the Andromeda A6, it is often referenced.Read more on Audiofanzine

    The T.bone MB75 - Doing a very good job

    by ricou8312 on 10-22-2014 12:45 AM SM57 clone, certainly less well on the inside. Read more on Audiofanzine

    Vox amPlug AC30 - Bluffing

    by ricou8312 on 10-22-2014 12:33 AM Small simulated amp walking batteries. A jack for the guitar, a headphone jack and an auxiliary input. Read more on Audiofanzine

    Boss RC-2 Loop Station - Unsatisfied

    by wizub on 10-22-2014 12:11 AM Loop Read more on Audiofanzine

    Mi Audio Crunch Box - Good price / quality ratio

    by wizub on 10-22-2014 12:02 AM Distorted Read more on Audiofanzine

    Nexo Géo-S8

    by juan motriles on 10-21-2014 11:35 PM total con España granada doors Read more on Audiofanzine

    Gretsch G5425 Jet Club - Black - It's a Gretsch !!

    by MPFree on 10-21-2014 11:20 PM It's a Gretsch !! It's written on, even on the microphones. Electric Guitar Gretsch Electromatic series of Made in China. • poplar or basswood body (following info !!) So here a parenthesis, the guys at "Michou Now" (pun intended) told me it's a Gretsch, it goes on their site it is they who are right. It is marked "Chambered Basswood Body with Arched Laminated Maple Top" ... Basswood (Linden) Maple (Maple) • Maple Table • Mahogany So there is at Gretsch Maple! Hey guys force to get your "scoops" we will end up using them to dig a hole with your bodies ... • Rosewood fingerboard, radius 12 "(305 mm) • 22 frets • Nut Width: 1.6875 "(43 mm) • Scale Length: 24.6 "(62.5 cm) • 2 humbucking coil Gretsch® There do not dream it's not the famous "Filter Tron", but if you want you can always buy more later;) • 3-way switch • 1 Volume and 1 tone • Chevatet Adjusto-Matic Ha ben and Bigsby is where ??? Ha turd € 260, there is not the Bigsby, I should have suspected. At the same time when you see the whole rotten vibratos that affublent the Squier Strat and some even see that everyone ended up blocking ... • Chrome hardware • Vintage style tuners Read more on Audiofanzine

    Roland TR-626 - Good machine if its needs are targeted

    by Geoffray.g on 10-21-2014 11:15 PM Detailed thousand times already, For which I love: - Separate Outputs - Sequencer TR - MIDI IN / OUT, the sequencing of a TR to play sample via midi - The trig out that allows me to sync the apregiateur and mini sequencer my SH101 in a fun and creative Read more on Audiofanzine

    Orange AD200B MKIII - The quintessential rock bass amp

    by Antoine FAW on 10-21-2014 10:01 PM AD 200 is a low all-tube amp that delivers 400 Watts. Two tickets available: one for active basses and one for passive. Read more on Audiofanzine

    Squier Stop Dreaming, Start Playing Set: Strat SE Special with Squier SP-10 - Black - "Must stop dreaming ....

    by MPFree on 10-21-2014 09:11 PM

    Alto Professional MOD 16P/H - alto pro mod 16 hf

    by marcasin on 10-21-2014 09:02 PM hello just a little comment seen that there have not seen and that I have a this micro and very convenient for use by his side your vocal timbre because it has - 14 different beaches karaoke style, jazz, feminine, sharp haevy and others that can change the vocal timbre for the rest of course c is not super pro 1000 € but for the price it and perfect for a DJ like me who pushes the song without getting ruined. Only be-mol not put his finger on the display screen because it often happens that we unwittingly support the tiny button turned on and most of it goes to his stand-bay so get your hands further down the microphone to the side reach it goes very well in a room for 4 to 500 people or 50 to 70 meters I have not tested longer, he quoted Loock and well equipped with rear squelch adjustment, adjustment of more height hig output, normal or small - Something important enough it will not easily feedback I use my home to repeated and I spend less than 2 meters from my amp and my baffle 500 wats and no feedback unless I push too biker but I makes call to order by Mrs. entant that its more tv Read more on Audiofanzine

    Alesis iO Dock II - Supply by USB controller on IODOCK

    by debonz on 10-21-2014 07:40 PM For those who want to feed a midi controller on IODOCK, please have a gender changer (http://www.computercablestore.com/USB_Adapter_USB_A_Female__PID49988.aspx) USB Adapter - USB A Female to USB B Male. The big square toe connects to IODOCK and USB Port flat supply power to the master controller or keyboard or MASCHINE. For more handymen take a look at this video, it is certainly a solution, but what do you know: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNi7UfpGA1U Read more on Audiofanzine

    Roger Mayer Axis - The best of the best

    by psycheblues on 10-21-2014 07:40 PM Fuzz pedal, that is all ... The pure analog pedal size spaceship ^^ Volume and fuzz, an entrance and an exit and nothing need more. Read more on Audiofanzine

    Shure SM58 - Good microphone, a standard ...

    by Matosman59 on 10-21-2014 07:37 PM See previous opinions. Read more on Audiofanzine

    Fender Classic '70s Stratocaster - 3-Color Sunburst Rosewood - STD Stratocaster Mexico ... nothing more.

    by FatBoy_55 on 10-21-2014 07:12 PM Neutral characteristics of each standard Stratocaster but made in Mexico; for me I would say that everything is average on this instrument, but the Mexican finish leaves too much to be desired and Sunburst body has nothing to do with that of a USA release. Read more on Audiofanzine

    Waves Codex - Very good

    by Devil's_Tiger on 10-21-2014 05:29 PM The price / performance ratio with the introduction rate ($ 75) was a really good deal. A 200 € I would think most already, but that does not change its quality. I have many vst as the result Komplete 9, Serum, and many others, and he is very good place overall. With experience, I would do this choice. I decided to put this review just because I disagree with what is said above: - Serum has nothing to do with Codex. - Codex was found to have a less brutal than his Serum, placing it next to a Serum and not in opposition. The sequencer and treatments on the oscillators make it very different from Serum. - Both synths are clearly without bug and done compared to what is said, it does not take two weeks to get out something like Codex, so they both had a parallel development and proximity output is the coincidence that the attempt to copy. Read more on Audiofanzine

    Squier Deluxe Stratocaster - Pearl White Maple - Very upscale SQUIER - better than the "Mexico".

    by FatBoy_55 on 10-21-2014 05:25 PM The upscale SQUIER Stratocaster, gorgeous Asian manufacturing high quality, high gloss metallic, with Duncan pickups SSS Signature, Basswood body. Read more on Audiofanzine

    Behringer FCB1010 Midi Foot Controller - For beginners I recommend it.

    by tomsonkiller on 10-21-2014 04:52 PM I began to discover the magic of MIDI + rack efekty.Jak already have been written programming a bit more complicated (not all IT) but I understand the principle of the excess satisfied. A price / performance of this device is really no competition. Controlled only JMP-1, Rocktron Intellifex. For beginners I recommend it.Read more on Audiofanzine
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