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    EarthQuaker Devices Dispatch Master - Versatility, quality, simplicity

    by drapeau_rouge on 04-15-2014 04:59 AM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=170238" alt="" title="EarthQuaker Devices Dispatch Master - Versatility, quality, simplicity" /></p>Dispatch Master is a pedal delay / reverb fully analog where it is possible to mix the two types of effects or only have the delay or reverb. Entirely true-bypass, it has 4 knobs: Time: Adjusts the delay time of the delay, from 0 to 1 ½ seconds Repeats: Controls the number of repetition of the delay or when the reverb is turned on, the depth of the reverb. Reverb: Adjusts the level of reverb. Set at a minimum, the reverb does not work. Mix: level between the treated and untreated signal by the effect. The case is solid, the switch and knobs also, screen is nice ... Anyway, the Earthquaker Devices in all its splendor. Note that the supply must be compulsorily insured by an external power adapter since the Dispatch Master not consume a lot of milliamperes, 60 mA to be precise. Shame ...

    Fender Super Champ XD

    by jamman90 on 04-15-2014 04:21 AM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=77884" alt="" title="Fender Super Champ XD" /></p>was said wholes

    sE Electronics RNR1 - ago

    by doc benway on 04-15-2014 03:51 AM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=88253" alt="" title="sE Electronics RNR1 - ago" /></p>Mono mic is active ribbon (eats 48v).

    sE Electronics RNR1 - surprising

    by doc benway on 04-15-2014 03:50 AM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=88253" alt="" title="sE Electronics RNR1 - surprising" /></p>Mono mic is active ribbon (eats 48v).

    Roland EV-5 - Indestructible

    by bertrand.marle on 04-15-2014 03:48 AM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=105720" alt="" title="Roland EV-5 - Indestructible" /></p>I had recovered from a pianist there for 20 years my pedals at the time and still in service after many scenes, rain, beer, flood ... Anyway ... indestructible Essential

    Kustom Sienna 35 - very good amp for the price

    by jpaullafricain on 04-15-2014 03:30 AM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=57829" alt="" title="Kustom Sienna 35 - very good amp for the price" /></p>the speaker want good level, the amp seems to follow as damage to the micro symmetrical entered, but at this price great the effects are very good but no adjustment for varied (fix) but well done preselection)

    Vox NT2H Lil' Night Train Head - Brilliant!

    by novo2010 on 04-15-2014 03:03 AM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=107764" alt="" title="Vox NT2H Lil' Night Train Head - Brilliant!" /></p>Amp 2W lamps. See specifications on the manufacturer's website. It really is super small, especially with his tiny cab 10 inches. It's pretty impressive. The finish is upscale: it exudes quality, it is even more beautiful in person than on the internet ... It comes with a cable to connect the HP that looks top, too. on the other hand, it loses the case to carry his big brother shame!

    Ashdown Little Bastard - Great sound!

    by pascaph on 04-15-2014 02:31 AM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=97151" alt="" title="Ashdown Little Bastard - Great sound!" /></p>Power amp lamp (30W)

    Radial Engineering Voco-Loco - good little box

    by neige on 04-15-2014 12:27 AM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=173747" alt="" title="Radial Engineering Voco-Loco - good little box" /></p>the connection is very simple output XLR in and out and the effects loop jack

    Boss RC-2 Loop Station - a looper ... limited!

    by calfat_jay on 04-14-2014 11:38 PM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=59851" alt="" title="Boss RC-2 Loop Station - a looper ... limited!" /></p>Pedal sampler / looper. A single channel (mono), but simple format pedal opportunity to connect a second (MIDI sustain pedal style). Several modes of loop, calibrated on a tempo or not. You can play pre-recorded by storing previously in memory loops. Jack 6.35 mm, same output. Runs on 9V battery or optional power supply sector (highly recommended). Preference is the level control of the loop so that it matches the level of the instrument. And also the function box efficient pace.

    Harley Benton TE-80 LTD - Natural - The Harley Prinz!

    by SlapKid on 04-14-2014 11:17 PM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=210892" alt="" title="Harley Benton TE-80 LTD - Natural - The Harley Prinz!" /></p>She has just arrived with his sister rosewood. No indication of source. Channel maple fingerboard, satin varnish, C well rounded in the leg, very similar to my harley Jazzmaster. The frets are fairly thin, 21, and well laid / finished so no extra work. Always better than nothing. 6 Fixed bridge bridges such strat, strings through the body. 2 wilkinson pickups (alnico from Toto) strat without buzz in position 2. The body is beautiful, it is a double binding therefore quite uncomfortable compared to a vintage type. Everything is very well done (it is very far from F. .. mexico) and inspires confidence.

    Lâg Tramontane T77PE - A pretty good deal

    by mateopero on 04-14-2014 10:38 PM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=190605" alt="" title="Lâg Tramontane T77PE - A pretty good deal" /></p>Guitar French brand made in China. Laminated mahogany, parlor size with junction body / neck to the 14th box. With a Direct Lag preamp with integrated tuner for the price it's good to have this option. The visual aspect is nice, and pretty satin (except the visible parts of internal dam, hewn and vaguely burnt surface, probably as invisible as parts) including the black binding on the edge of the table, and black on a mechanical head aesthetically pleasing.

    Harley Benton TE-70 Rosewood - Total Class

    by SlapKid on 04-14-2014 10:36 PM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=210890" alt="" title="Harley Benton TE-70 Rosewood - Total Class" /></p>I just received, made in china of course. 43mm key rosewood handle, well rounded C profile very nice, shiny patent finish. Immediate access to the tension adjustment rod. Jumbo frets almost 21 perfectly finished and therefore not asked to provide job phew. Mechanical oil serious bath. Double body binding (ie edges quite uncomfortable compared to a vintage) beautiful, plating rosewood back face as throws. Pickups wilkinson please, no buzz in position 2. Wilkinson also with easel, this incredible prices, compensated brass saddles! Type ashtray made with cornering well dishes destroyent not the right palm. This bridge is topload here, but has the necessary holes to pass through the body. Guitar not, on the other hand, so toploaded. The tone is very well done, very progressive and really usable.

    Hercules Stands GS525B - Stripes in perspective ...

    by Splonge on 04-14-2014 10:19 PM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=136803" alt="" title="Hercules Stands GS525B - Stripes in perspective ..." /></p>Warning: This stand can be dangerous for your guitar: have a look at the advice that I gave about his little brother. Http://fr.audiofanzine.com/stand-guitare/hercules-stands/gs523b/avis/r.122878.html

    Elypse Guitars EV15C - Amazing!

    by Marc H on 04-14-2014 09:21 PM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=111548" alt="" title="Elypse Guitars EV15C - Amazing!" /></p>Note: I copied a few details about my opinion on the 15C model "normal" since I have both and that apart from the finish is the same inside. A tube amp, the classic 15W 2 x 12ax preamp and 2 x EL84 for power. HP handset has a Celestion V30, very fashionable if not original. The settings are simple: input gain, tone, volume output. Very classic for a tube amp again. Found against by far more interesting and rarer functions: - Standby, convenient to heat the amp - A headphone output, rarely present on this type of amps - And especially an effects loop. Of course, we can disconnect the internal speaker jack and replace it with an external cab into 8 or 16 ohms, both outputs are provided. The presentation of this model is classic, it looks like the other amps Elypse. The finish is correct, there has reinforced corners, the Tolex is aligned properly but the knobs do not follow the graduations (rest between -2 and -1, turning up to 8 or 9!)

    Elypse Guitars EV15C-RUBY - Amazing!

    by Marc H on 04-14-2014 09:20 PM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=119052" alt="" title="Elypse Guitars EV15C-RUBY - Amazing!" /></p>Note: I copied a few details about my opinion on the 15C model "normal" since I have both and that apart from the finish is the same inside. A tube amp, the classic 15W 2 x 12ax preamp and 2 x EL84 for power. HP handset has a Celestion V30, very fashionable if not original. The settings are simple: input gain, tone, volume output. Very classic for a tube amp again. Found against by far more interesting and rarer functions: - Standby, convenient to heat the amp - A headphone output, rarely present on this type of amps - And especially an effects loop. Of course, we can disconnect the internal speaker jack and replace it with an external cab into 8 or 16 ohms, both outputs are provided. This model is a little more flashy, with its imitation snake skin red (or crocodile?). Attention to the finish, especially red which tends to rub off if handled with wet hands!

    EBS Reidmar - excellent

    by shar24 on 04-14-2014 08:09 PM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=134382" alt="" title="EBS Reidmar - excellent" /></p>amp transistor 250 watts into 4 ohms (I use it with two speakers eden) Talking settings above does not do a relevant indication as to purchase, in fact found on the web advanced description of possibilities

    Gretsch G6134 White Penguin - White

    by fressje on 04-14-2014 04:50 PM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=4193" alt="" title="Gretsch G6134 White Penguin - White" /></p>See website builder. For my part, I did change by a luthier with fixing the bridge Melita in the manner of Brian Setzer models (pinned bridge) replacement pickups by TV Jones Classic in the bridge and a T-Armond in the neck and Adding a Bigsby vibrato B11G.

    Bare Knuckle Pickups Juggernaut - The summun micro liabilities djent

    by the ingenior on 04-14-2014 07:12 AM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=manufacturer&amp;manufacturer_id=2592" alt="" title="Bare Knuckle Pickups Juggernaut - The summun micro liabilities djent" /></p>less a huge screaming aftermath more accurate more organic, articulated in huge neck also excellent in his clear, resistance 13.8 (14.9 for the aftermath, 21 and for a few warpig), with beautiful finishes of all kinds , expensive but a real must! This microphone is improved aftermath, the more you accented the favorite pick, plus potato happens is really the top, ceramic / mixed alnico 5 is awesome. placed on a jackson soloist archtop trem SL2H Japan 1992 I'm really happy with my shovel, equipped first tandem sh2 sh4. My juggernaut has eclipsed the paired duncan! Receipt of the box with great knowledge sell bareknucle, full of goodies, sticker, sous bock, play rope Rotosound 10/46 and pick, schematics, really hard to beat!

    Fender FM 212R - Amp without proper

    by scutigere on 04-14-2014 07:10 AM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=14574" alt="" title="Fender FM 212R - Amp without proper" /></p>Amp transistors, 100w 2hp 12 "... everything has already been said.

    Arturia brute - Played four hands is really great!

    by BlackWinny on 04-14-2014 06:37 AM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=209447" alt="" title="Arturia brute - Played four hands is really great!" /></p>In fact, the instrument presented by Audiofanzine that is left of a set of two instruments. The manufacturer sent me there a few days ago the right side as a gift (it will be available on the market sometime in May or June). His appearance differs little except that it is pink and has a small keyboard keys 7 instead of 5, which allows with the left part of a complete keyboard an octave. Here is a photo I took of my two instruments: http://medias.audiofanzine.com/images/thumbs3/arturia-brute-822527.jpg The manual on the left side (the well-known blue keyboard) is already heavy and consistent with its 512 pages in English in small print. But the manual on the right side (pink keyboard) is even thicker with its 768 pages. And in fact it is exactly the same book, with its 36 years of progressive difficulty, except that it contains many color photos, detailed drawings of the best on the positions of the fingers in each year, as well as explanations more detailed than for blue keyboard, including the most simple manipulations. And the manufacturer clearly states in the preface that the manual the pink part has been designed to the attention of charming young European people with generally more likely to love the accessories especially pink candy or old rose as keyboard very light hair, , and also often require longer and more detailed explanations. Also for men who request the purchase of two keyboards in the same order (this will be a sine qua non) will receive a free gift (he sent me too) from the manufacturer He is a great calendar format 32x48 24 pages of great pictures spread all in excellent color, with lovely people very, very little but taking all dressed in their little hands a copy of the dual instrument (assembled as discussed below) for advertising. The manual is entirely in English (in broken English but with the pictures everyone will understand easily especially with a first prior musical experience) seems to have been written there is not a lot of time by an inhabitant of a former British colony, India certainly given certain terms (such as chapter titles) that have clearly not been anglicized properly and that obviously was first written in Indian language. It is a manual of 36 chapters all extremely detailed (with all necessary images and photos in the latest version in advance) on all that is possible with these two instruments connected together. It is absolutely essential to go through the preliminary step of a few pages of the Introduction manual for full understanding more. This is probably because many readers do not read the introduction of books they buy they have not fully understood how it works wonderful small double instrument and have obviously also not understand that there are two instruments necessary and not one to be able to reach the seventh heaven musicians.

    Violon Cello VCD - Why deprive yourself of such an instrument?

    by Jonathan973 on 04-14-2014 04:30 AM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=203990" alt="" title="Violon Cello VCD - Why deprive yourself of such an instrument?" /></p>I use it for almost a year now and I love it! Quality is at the rendezvous, the sound is excellent for the price, not to mention its top finish! In addition, it is sold by a very professional and friendly Luthier. He does not hesitate to you explain "why and how". I repeat, but it is a beautiful instrument, to buy the closed eyes in the Luthier!

    DigiTech Studio Quad 4 - The secret weapon of the home studio broke

    by mAdVax on 04-14-2014 04:06 AM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=146313" alt="" title="DigiTech Studio Quad 4 - The secret weapon of the home studio broke" /></p>The Quad4 is the successor of Quad V2. Both machines are very close, the 4 having received numerous subtle improvements. This is a very complete digital multi-effects. It includes everything, including unusual effects, such as "Reverse delay", a vocoder, a looper and an equalizer with 31 bands! The memory is quite large: 5 seconds! One to four effects simultaneously share this memory. Must manage resources! All parameters are modifiable by Midi. To this must be added an envelope follower and LFO two! (8 modifiers programmatically) Such modulations are rare in this range of machine. The other feature of the Quad series is the connection: 4 inputs and 4 outputs, routed to different effects blocks. 20bits@44.1kHz converters, 24-bit internal processing - very correct. Midi input and output

    Roland AC-33 - I love

    by Steflamenco on 04-14-2014 04:00 AM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=98460" alt="" title="Roland AC-33 - I love" /></p>description already made

    BBE Opto Stomp V2 - An excellent compressor ... But unwanted noise!

    by ssugoer on 04-14-2014 01:25 AM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=155614" alt="" title="BBE Opto Stomp V2 - An excellent compressor ... But unwanted noise!" /></p>Well, this is a compressor pedal pad ... Who ... The sound ... From the instrument. A nice description. This is V2 (mustard yellow, with monocle and mustache). Besides the cosmetic changes, the switch-15db attenuator present in the original has disappeared (but was it really necessary?). The design of the beast is simple: input / output (so far, so much the better, eh ...), a footswitch on / off (what a good idea, too!), A pretty blue LED blinding if viewed too long, and two knobs (output and threshold) used to adjust the output level and the level of compression respectively. Also note: the opto stomp is troubaïpasse (true bypass, what). For the rest, bah is classic, but powerful: 100% metal for the hull of the craft, 100% metal knobs and 100% for the plastic battery cover. This is the only item you can imagine evil age, provided that exclusively uses 9volts batteries (using an external power supply is of course possible). For the rest, RAS. The format is also conventional (same pedals many EHX size, for example). In sum, not what is bigger, but not what is smaller either. Yes, my comments are sooooo informative.

    Pioneer DJM-750-K - Very good product

    by schmoutss on 04-14-2014 01:13 AM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=180076" alt="" title="Pioneer DJM-750-K - Very good product" /></p>So the mixer is not rackable. The audio output is digital track to 4 channels with usb plug. XLR plug for connection to microphone and amp, RCA for connecting deck mixing desk An effects section with 4 effects boost.

    M-Audio M3-8 - Works very well for its price.

    by mmelot on 04-14-2014 12:20 AM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=174068" alt="" title="M-Audio M3-8 - Works very well for its price." /></p>Motivated my choice: the features / price ratio, the integrated amp, the 3-way speakers, size and power, eq each speaker (even if in the end I use very rarely) I do serve with home studio, coupled with a sub sbx 10. And also the fact that the facade is made of wood (very dark, but wood anyway), it had its effect in a studio which is also a lounge, it's more aesthetic result.

    M-Audio SBX-10 - Cheap and has subs ...

    by mmelot on 04-13-2014 11:58 PM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=93798" alt="" title="M-Audio SBX-10 - Cheap and has subs ..." /></p>What motivated me was the fact that indeed down to 20Hz, use in home studio, and for listening to music. Used in conjunction with my M-Audio M3-8, I prefer to use elements of the same brand when it is possible, for stories sound rendering. Then I like having a pedal to turn the sub, very convenient condition mix. Then the price has motivated me is the cheapest in this category.

    Palmer PGA 04 - Okay, seriously, but not essential

    by kyrcnos on 04-13-2014 10:33 PM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=11541" alt="" title="Palmer PGA 04 - Okay, seriously, but not essential" /></p>This is a hardware analog simulator made by a baffle SM57. The technology is based on tungsten lamp. It is a rack-mount model comprising: front: - Knob to adjust the mix between the dry sound coming out of the head and the sound produced by the simulator - A knob to adjust the voicing of the cabinet: a 2x10 cabinet with 4x12 - A knob to adjust the tone: is the micro placement, distance from the center of the bowl and its distance from the baflle - A knob to adjust the volume output - A button to enable or disable the filter 6kHz - A button preset color - 5 LED display of power received by the Palmer rear: - Jack speaker - THRU, again to exit the cabinet thingy - 2 mono jack outputs - A dual mono XLR output - 2 buttons ground / lift Simple and complete level connectivity, nothing to say. I wish I could have an impedance of 4, 8 or 16ohms selector. Most micrometers are in 8 ohms but exite versions 4 and 16ohms. For example, if I connect an old Marshall head into 4 ohms (no 8 ohm output), I only have access to 60% of its power, which in itself is sufficient for the studio.

    Metric Halo ULN-8 - the rolls sound cards

    by yohannabbou on 04-13-2014 09:41 PM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=87992" alt="" title="Metric Halo ULN-8 - the rolls sound cards" /></p>8 preamps that sound plugins metric halo inserted directly into the map connectivity in db25 compatibility with all the soft market usability the metric halo interface and the aid community. I use it for any purpose, mix, taking sounds, live ... mac pro intell xeon quad core 2.5 gghz snow leopard 10.6.8
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