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    Sphynx SPW380PP - unbeatable

    by anael32 on 04-20-2014 03:49 AM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=211360" alt="" title="Sphynx SPW380PP - unbeatable" /></p>What characteristics have motivated your choice? price of course and especially soft suspension. For what purpose? hi-fi movie man What amp / What configuration? inter m 3 500 diy speaker see

    Pearl P3002C - Superb Double Fast Accurate!

    by Djoe_Drums on 04-20-2014 03:06 AM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=187639" alt="" title="Pearl P3002C - Superb Double Fast Accurate!" /></p>For 15 days after 5 years of his little sister, who is a double excellent (Pearl Eliminator) Accurate fast, light at the affected Super longboard for Hell Toe Beautiful aesthetically

    Mackie MR6mk3 - Pleasant to use and balanced

    by Yoshi033 on 04-19-2014 11:16 PM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=193141" alt="" title="Mackie MR6mk3 - Pleasant to use and balanced" /></p>This is my first real pair of speaker monitoring and after a month of use, I'm hooked. I use them for mixing and pre-mastering work and for the use and creation of guitar sounds with a Kemper Profiling Amplifier.

    Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer Vintage - excelent! very well

    by funkilus996 on 04-19-2014 10:39 PM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=61511" alt="" title="Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer Vintage - excelent! very well" /></p>od 3 buttons rule is playing, or is active playing

    Sony MDR-7506 - Good headphones

    by lmtsf on 04-19-2014 09:12 PM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=1862" alt="" title="Sony MDR-7506 - Good headphones" /></p>I bought there 3 months. I tried three other models. I love the storage bag. The price range of this product for its quality.

    König & Meyer 25900 - Robust and reliable

    by Kal on 04-19-2014 08:28 PM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=206680" alt="" title="König & Meyer 25900 - Robust and reliable" /></p>Why an opinion on a mic stand? Well they are often overlooked but to work with confidence when recording, the quality of feet used seems paramount. I will not make toast on the technology used, you understand what it is, however: - The clamping mechanisms are very soft, no need to tighten like a brute for the position remains stable. - The weight is sufficient to ensure stability. - Even the gray satin finish gives a reassuring and quality product.

    Pioneer CDJ-350 - planned purchase made by the Trustee

    by dj-miss-stella on 04-19-2014 08:26 PM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=101968" alt="" title="Pioneer CDJ-350 - planned purchase made by the Trustee" /></p>planned purchase, I have not tried yet I essyé turntables Technics SL1210 MK2 to perfection a bit expensive but it holds up. I dedicate it to all the girls who want to mix on CD

    Yamaha PSR-530 - a little better than the PSR330

    by pollastro99 on 04-19-2014 08:22 PM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=8526" alt="" title="Yamaha PSR-530 - a little better than the PSR330" /></p>best quality so light even keys, the sounds are better than the PSR330 UPDATE PART THE PIANO AND ORGAN ..... not terrible Note 6

    Yamaha PSR-330 - for the price ..........

    by pollastro99 on 04-19-2014 08:10 PM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=4071" alt="" title="Yamaha PSR-330 - for the price .........." /></p>this keyboard is key for beginners too light ........ organs sounds its very very average must transpose a half or octave sounds for medium quality ..... it currently does for the price ...... I specify that I am not a pro but I played an incomparable SY77 course incomparable price, weight and keys ... Note 3

    Blue Microphones Spark

    by Kal on 04-19-2014 07:54 PM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=110019" alt="" title="Blue Microphones Spark" /></p>It is a condenser microphone cardioid transistors with a switch "focus" which changes the frequency response to be considered a low-cut.

    Waldorf Pulse 2 - One of the highlights of the past year

    by bodytwist on 04-19-2014 06:48 PM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=142279" alt="" title="Waldorf Pulse 2 - One of the highlights of the past year" /></p>characteristics listed on AF: 3 analog oscillators + 1 noise generator Pulse width modulation Hard sync Filter FM from Oscillator 3 Ring Modulation from Oscillator 3 XOR Osc Mode 8/4 Voice Paraphonic modes Cascade Filter 24dB/12db Lowpass, 12db Highpass / Bandpass filter modes Powerful Arpeggiator 8-slot Modulation Matrix USB MIDI External analog signal input Stereo line out Headphone out Backwards-compatible with classic Pulse 128x64 backlit LCD character 8 stainless steel knobs 500 Sound Programs Electron-absorbing black box AF test here: http://fr.audiofanzine.com/rack-analogique/waldorf/pulse-2/editorial/tests/l-as-de-coeur.html

    Markbass Little Mark III - electric sound!

    by Matéo U-Bass on 04-19-2014 06:05 PM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=50111" alt="" title="Markbass Little Mark III - electric sound!" /></p>see supplier! Good manufacturing seems reliable.

    dB Technologies Sub 18D - very good but be careful

    by dnykob on 04-19-2014 04:54 PM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=83761" alt="" title="dB Technologies Sub 18D - very good but be careful" /></p>I have 2 sub 18D for 9 months now, I also have the 15D from the same brand which I was really happy. I have already try another brand of subs and good even if the purist will say that there is better is already really good material How long have you use it? to about 9 months and one of only two to three months because of the second problem What is the particular feature you like best and least? rendering bass is not the same as the 15, the integration of wheels directly on the body that moves 42 kg (and yet it is light for 18 subs) more easily. by comparing against the 15, it is much more fragile, I burnt a membrane and the amp at 2 ven use module (or the small problem of state above) and without specifically keep the sub permanently in the red, it is most likely due to saturation at the mixing desk (these djs playing all the time in the red) but it was never happen to me before with 15. and it also has a much larger heater module (if they are all the same for the 15, 18 and so the only difference being that only 18 uses the full power) the cover that slips when subs are on wheels is really good for those who just think the used otherwise it is a little c .... t overall I'm pretty satisfied with the model

    Music Man StingRay 4 - Natural Maple - Powerful!

    by Tenrolff on 04-19-2014 04:16 PM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=169963" alt="" title="Music Man StingRay 4 - Natural Maple - Powerful!" /></p>This is a Musicman Stingray 2001, rosewood fingerboard and 3 eq. I've had it for 6 months. I do not include me on the features, it is a legendary bass.


    by Deejay My'Z on 04-19-2014 09:27 AM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=13674" alt="" title="Vestax PMC-07 Pro D - "A JEWEL THAT ALSO RARE ... LEGENDARY!"" /></p>In the world of DJ mixing desks, many models have had their day, new generations of technology Plastered take over but some actually have something more to bring them within the closed "cult" ... the dimension 07 Samurai is one. This is a very elegant table, the very special design, the Japanese Samurai theme speaks volumes about the quality of this mixer. Ornate Metallic Grey and a beautiful purple facade, we immediately feel that you are on a high-end product. Its price at the time was around 1800euros, a fortune reserved for wealthy enthusiasts. For the rest of the features, it is the same as a conventional PMC 07 Pro with the 2 RCA inputs LINE / PHONO / MIC, 2 RCA / JACK, and equalize adjustment fader curve but with a big difference a Cross- digital fader with adjustable sinusoidal curve!

    Edirol UA-101

    by Cola verde on 04-19-2014 07:50 AM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=38203" alt="" title="Edirol UA-101" /></p>used for monitoring of multi-channel (it works well and the sound that comes out is good). I thought to use it to make the sound but the analog-to-digital converters (audio input) are not good and have disappointed me.

    Roland TB-3 - it's not a clone, it's déjà vu

    by bipbipbip3 on 04-19-2014 03:35 AM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=205832" alt="" title="Roland TB-3 - it's not a clone, it's déjà vu" /></p>features: see above + effects are associated with the choice of sound lepotard is too sensitive, it saturates quickly to dela de40% edition pc: a hacker hope so sth better in the coming months choosing octave zero to mix with the keyboard ca, we easily pante x / y button strange, nothing for the overall random function: Well, good idea

    iCon QCon Lite - Full of features for cheap

    by sardonicus on 04-19-2014 02:29 AM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=159698" alt="" title="iCon QCon Lite - Full of features for cheap" /></p>Almost a year of use. Many configurable functions depending on the mode that allows STAN used. Q / P unbeatable. What is good: tons of buttons configurable user defined mode, a jog wheel (but in retrospect, I use little in any case less than what I thought), motorized volume (but again, it serves me less or no, because REAPER my main STAN, can not handle feedback noon) preset modes for the most common STAN 4 pushbuttons / increments-decrements (of Alsace, yes I know, c is zero, but it's so good ...) panel complete transport etc.. making it an ideal control surface on the desktop BUT it is not in REAPER (mode other than user defined) to assign the buttons to functions you want (like everyone has the same needs ...) and therefore it must choose between the engine (which, for my part, I find accurate. Having said that, I have not tried in cubase) and assignable functions (which are a treat in REAPER). Basically, on the track, I have access directly to the selection or master tracks, the track selection in a horizontal zoom (jogwheel, vertical stays on the mouse wheel, I paske psychobilly rigid) volume (non-motorized but with soft cover (soft takeover for those who are ashamed of their mother tongue) we made it), a pan knob with centering support, 3 knobs to manage the volumes of the first 3 Sends with mutates Support, opening eq on the track add button / (and if it is already present, just opening), F1 to F8 keys control the start point and end loop points stretch ( elastic, yes I know it's wrong), access to the mixer, saving the song, transient detection and tons of other stuff ... All this put together that j ' have more ears awake the eyes. So basically, I do not regret the purchase, I regret that this is the time it takes to get MIDI at Cockos feedback ...

    Fender Blues Junior - Lacquered Tweed & Jensen C12N Limited Edition - simple and effective

    by frank_70 on 04-19-2014 01:31 AM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=14577" alt="" title="Fender Blues Junior - Lacquered Tweed & Jensen C12N Limited Edition - simple and effective" /></p>lamp, 15w, jensen 12 ", 1 hall, master volume bass mid treble, boost, reverb.

    Fender 60th Anniversary American Vintage 1954 Stratocaster - 2-Color Sunburst - Fabulous first Stratocaster ® Buddy Holly inside :)

    by silverfox on 04-18-2014 11:07 PM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=203946" alt="" title="Fender 60th Anniversary American Vintage 1954 Stratocaster - 2-Color Sunburst - Fabulous first Stratocaster ® Buddy Holly inside :)" /></p>60th Anniversary American Vintage 1954 Stratocaster ® Series: American Vintage, limited to 1954 copies worldwide, equipped with a commemorative plaque (neck plate) present in the first 54 models (the mine included) ;) Manufactured in the workshops Fender Corona CA USA. Body: Swamp Ash Light Selected 2 parts 'off-center' Nail body: Flash Coat Lacquer nitro finish. Neck: Maple room Varnish handle: Flash Coat Lacquer Neck Shape: chuncky 1954 'U' Number of Frets: 21 Type of Frets: vintage Scale Length: 25.5 " Radius: 7.25 " Nut: Bone Micro Channel: New 1954 Single-Coil Strat ® Micro Central: New 1954 Single-Coil Strat ® Pickup: New 1954 Single-Coil Strat ® Selector: 5 microphones positions Master Volume Tone 1 (neck pickup & central), Tone 2 (bridge pickup) Bridge: Vintage Synchronized Tremolo Bridges: stamped "FENDER PAT. Pend. ' Tuners: Fender / Gotoh Vintage Style Hardware: Nickel / Chrome Pickguard: 1-Ply 50's White Buttons: White polystyrene rounded Strings: Fender ® USA, NPS 10/46 Delivered tweed "Single Stitch Center-Pocket" holster replica of the case provided in the early 50's, red plush interior. Accessories: replica cloth 1954 jack, leather strap, bridge cover, 3 position switch, 2 extra tremolo springs, reproduction 1954 paperwork, certificate of authenticity luxurious cardstock letters gold silkscreened Ltd. (1954 Anniversary Strat ® Certificate) . Fender link: http://www.fender.com/series/american-vintage/60th-anniversary-1954-american-vintage-stratocaster-maple-fingerboard-2-color-sunburst/ Fender has managed to recreate an exact replica of a 1954 Stratocaster. They, for the occasion, returned to service some machines to recreate some parts such as bridges. Cover the microphones and the shield were made from scratch with the closest possible to the 1954 alloy alloy blending of PVC with styrene (ABS: Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene)! Note also the biggest form of buttons and rounded off the cover microphones. Everything is served with a Closet Classic finish in a holster specially designed for this model: the beautiful work! (Source: GuitarShop)

    Yamaha S90 - Good synth keyboard but problematic

    by jimmyjim on 04-18-2014 10:59 PM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=2348" alt="" title="Yamaha S90 - Good synth keyboard but problematic" /></p>What type of keyboard (synth, piano ...)? Multi Function scene typical mobile piano keyboard

    Gibson Les Paul Standard Bass Oversized - Ebony - Very good bass, a unique sound.

    by stoneshine on 04-18-2014 08:26 PM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=145974" alt="" title="Gibson Les Paul Standard Bass Oversized - Ebony - Very good bass, a unique sound." /></p>Made in USA, Tune-O-Matic, Grover tuners, mahogany set neck, rosewood fingerboard (superb), 2 humbuckers ceramic TB + each with a volume control and a tone, 3 positions (the standard Les Paul: Rhythm / Treble), 20 frets, passive electronics (but incredibly punchy). Rooms have been carved into the body to lighten and improve the sound. This model was produced apparently only 400 copies in 2011 (I struggled to verify this information). 2 small flats justifying one point less: - I think the bridge is a little too advanced. In flat tuning (I tried it in BEAD for example), it may be difficult to get a perfect score just after the 12th fret, even with the setting of easel to the back. But I quibble. - The varnish does not seem exceptional quality. A little thick and it marks easily (micro scratches). I end with the quality of service: OUTSTANDING! Let me explain: there are small rings that are used to block the adjustment screw bridge. I lost by mistake. It works without, do not worry. Being a purist in love with his bass, I nevertheless sent an email to Gibson Europe to expose them the problem and find a solution. 10 days later a courier TNT rang me with a bunch of Gibson containing a complete brand new easel! I did not ask for much. Frankly, such a service that is rare.

    AKG K 701 - Excellent value for money

    by zograme on 04-18-2014 07:54 PM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=48875" alt="" title="AKG K 701 - Excellent value for money" /></p>I use this headset for less than a year. I tested a lot of headphones being ingéson. I worked a lot on the 7509 7506, 150 DT100, AKG, Sennheiser, and others. I think it sounds akg headphones (that's good), the typical gloss less. I mean there a defined and balanced, without exaggeration frequency ranges or significant dynamics. The lack of brightness is probably exacerbated by my convertos DA output sound card and headset preamp, so temper. Especially since this headset has a reputation for having rather low back, when I made a balanced level this home. What we hear in the headphones tend to be found on other tracks, making it an element of monitoring rather reliable. In terms of listening leisure, this headset plays the game very well also. Much less flattering than many models that I could listen to, it nevertheless offers a very nice rendering, and undemanding. Considering the price of this toy (189 € in thotho), I would do the selection again. In my view, it would cost € 200-300 for such a quality in the competition. So hat, personal I keep preciously, a real pleasure.

    Behringer Virtualizer Pro DSP2024P - not bad

    by claudios14 on 04-18-2014 06:21 PM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=37767" alt="" title="Behringer Virtualizer Pro DSP2024P - not bad" /></p>This processor is correct effects, are 99 programs: reverb, delay, tremolo, distortion, and create opportunities for yourself. on the other hand, you can not edit the effects on a computer. This is a processor all in one, digital, quality effects is not bad, but do not expect it to be the rolls of processors for that price. Practice for someone who has no other and for a DJ or a sound engineer who wants to send some effect on his backing tracks. 6

    Dean Markley Overlord Classic Tube Overdrive - try it on the bass!!

    by thisklik on 04-18-2014 06:12 PM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=43820" alt="" title="Dean Markley Overlord Classic Tube Overdrive - try it on the bass!!" /></p>tube overdrive and fuzzy tube sound

    DiMarzio DP419 Area '67 - Black - Area: Stop what?

    by Hacht on 04-18-2014 06:05 PM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=156382" alt="" title="DiMarzio DP419 Area '67 - Black - Area: Stop what?" /></p>I had this mic for testing and never thought to post a review about it ... Let's fix this oversight. The Area 67 is supposed to reproduce the sound of the Custom 69 and other single coils wire "Full Email" and low resistance, it also has the same 5.8k resistance than the Fender CS69. In practice, I have not been convinced. Under the guise of a simple, this microphone offers indeed a signature sound too "humbucker" sound is more powerful than a simple and distorts more. Adjust the blocks further ropes only to highlight the limits of the thing: low back and upper spectrum zinc plated. Usable distortion, okay. The clean sound is not up to par.

    Casio WK-3000 - Bought from ebay for £55

    by simondhopkins on 04-18-2014 06:01 PM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=16425" alt="" title="Casio WK-3000 - Bought from ebay for £55" /></p>Great DSP Good pianos, even better is the software supplied by casio to make your own using velocity curves and have made a killer vc switched m1 piano. Can import rythms from Roland and yamaha using third party software. Importing wav files using the casio software must be in 16bit as won't recognize 24bit, but this is a home keyboard and is no detriment to the system, considering cds use 16bit 44.1khz sample rate so pointless in my opinion to use a higher bit rate. Pitch bend wheel has a decent action without too much resistance. Mod button, but if you have a dremel there is a solder point and screw mounts in the chassis to fit a mod wheel from the high models and it works. (or just take a lead from it, put a 1/4" jack on it and plug in an expression pedal again works great on drawbar mode) Can also solder in line out sockets direct form the amplifier board as its the same one from the wk3500 so just get 2 sockets and drill out the blanks on the back panel.

    Bare Knuckle Pickups The Mule - A tame!

    by albou on 04-18-2014 04:54 PM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=44648" alt="" title="Bare Knuckle Pickups The Mule - A tame!" /></p>Bare Knuckle pickups are hand made in England, with specificities making them unique and very (too) expensive! I've never been a big fan of the invention Seth E. Lover, preferring the single coil and P90. However, I became disillusioned with the arrival of my pair of The Mule, which seems to have no relationship with the models double that I could test and in particular those of Gibson. They are mounted on a came Custom77 HB London's Burning (but a type ES LP format back nicely curved ...) This is humbuckers wanting to bring original PAF as almost everyone today, but using Alnico magnets 4. One might think that this is a detail of history he does is nothing! This alloy, unlike its cousins ​​2 and 5, had the distinction of making an even more brilliant incisive sound when pushed far enough. It is far enough from the hot and vintage character as desired when using humbuckers. Initially a little surprised and disappointed not to feel warm 'vibes' gibsoniennes I had to do me a reason: nearly € 300 we will have to do something! This is all the happiness! Finally microphones that will have tame, tame and that he'll have to show who is the boss here! These are microphones with difficult to describe dynamics. One sometimes has the impression of hearing guitar Peter Frampton comes alive (with less leg recess). The sound is just as clear that organic saturated, and a Vox AC15 and natural distortion is great! I can only imagine what it might give on an old Marshall Plexi ... Despite the incredibly high price remains (the microphones have cost almost as much as the guitar ...). If you are not fell on the model that fits us, it is a significant loss should know. You can play all the previous styles to 70 by their dynamics and exceptional grip for not too high saturations. I play quite a few jazz but it does not seem to be their strong point by the same dynamic (and my gear in general it is true ^ ^) Every nuance of the game is faithfully transcribed and I want to inform any potential buyer need to mount a circuit with high quality for best use. The circuit of my C77 though very suitable not seem to be the height and as soon as we touch the knobs sound lose quality ... Too bad = / In summary, it must be completely comfortable at the time of acquisition, this is very typical of microphones. You may sulk a brand that could surely satisfy you, and more, with many models but the price ...: (...

    Mackie CFX20.mkII - Great quality / price

    by Emmanuel Delahaye on 04-18-2014 02:26 PM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=41355" alt="" title="Mackie CFX20.mkII - Great quality / price" /></p>Classic analog mixer 16 mono inputs (XLR mic 48V / TRS line) + 2 stereo inputs (Line TRS) Outputs L / R and SUB (

    Marshall Stanmore - Black - Marshall sound and quality appointments

    by Nicolasben on 04-18-2014 02:09 PM <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=199207" alt="" title="Marshall Stanmore - Black - Marshall sound and quality appointments" /></p>I use it for a month and what impressed me is the power that emerges in relation to its size. Manufacture of quality, everything exudes strength and the look is to die. The EQ knobs are a real plus, but find use as a low volume (when the volume knob is on the first quarter equalization does not feel too). The Bluetooth works perfectly even 8 meters. The value for money is excellent given the fact that it is really beautiful (provided to love Marshall amps). Finally, sound, special, Marshall has put all its expertise at the service of those who want to listen to music or play music at a party. The sound is rather oriented rock or blues, but I had the classic top and it was no problem. What I liked: THE LOW Personal I use to spend backing tracks when I play the guitar and it's perfect. I recommend
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