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    DPA Microphones 4099 Guitar - so-so

    by Kiifran on 07-29-2014 04:31 AM See specifications

    Gibson J-35 - Gasp! it is glop

    by jauffret on 07-29-2014 04:13 AM Made in the states with the best luthiers in the world ;) The micro LR baggs sold, is already doing very well on a good amp.

    Marshall 2061X - Marshall 2061X SOUND!

    by Fred060672 on 07-29-2014 04:10 AM Head 20w lamps 2 channels with 2 inputs each 2 adjustable outputs HP 4/8/16 ohms the trick is to bridge the 2 channels

    Taylor Baby Taylor - She accompanies me everywhere!

    by ddn on 07-29-2014 03:48 AM It is a wooden crate Taylor made in Mexico. Well, not quite anyway: the table is made of spruce, the ebony fingerboard, the rest of the chipboard and sapele (or sapele, a kind of ersatz mahogany) and headstock veneer is Lexan bodies like scale models. The handle is attached to the body with two screws (yes, with two esses, it's maousses screws) as if you had done to the guitar by your boyfriend what unemployed carpenter. Frets y'en enough anyway on an acoustic I never play above the tenth fret. Microphones normally there is none but on mine the previous owner put a Bill Lawrence choking a little resonance of the guitar and sounds great when plugged in, so I can advise you to do the same.

    AKG C 414 B-ULS - A must have.

    by robdelap on 07-29-2014 03:09 AM A Large Diaphragm Condenser (LDC) microphone, this mic has passed the test of time and even evolved into his C 414 XLS cousin. This one should be in any serious engineer's mic locker. It features 4 polar patterns: Omni, figure 8, cardioid and hyper cardioid. On the back you'll find an attenuation switch (0, 10 and 20dB) and a HPF (0,75 and 150). I've seen this mic in several packaging versions. Mine came with a sturdy and practical shockmount that holds the mic with a twist on the base and a slide-on pop filter, all of this in a lunch box plastic case with the foam cutout for holding everything in place.

    Korg Triton Le 76 - Still down after 10 years

    by ebenofrancky on 07-29-2014 02:31 AM Characteristics have been described countless times I will not dwell

    Wurlitzer 200A

    by Mrcrnt on 07-29-2014 12:11 AM Buy Used but totally reconditioned by vintagevibe end of 2013. Before have I had my Wurlitzer VST Arturia then Pianet T Hohner. What I like the most, sound, mechanical heat ... We feel for the game and it affects the approach of the keyboard, a real pleasure! The small flat, fragile and difficult to transport without having to open and set 2/3 stuff. A little expensive, but it is a real investment and if I had the choice again I would not hesitate a moment.

    Blackstar Amplification ID:15TVP - not prevent

    by l0k1 on 07-29-2014 12:00 AM modeling amp (DSP) comprising ("Ad Text" + reviews): - Technology PST (True Valve Power) which simulates the response and tone power tube amp for a true dynamic this is not fake, the biggest difference is that the sound does not "move" not to the heating of the lamp, which is not necessarily a defect D) - Similar to a tube amp Power sight of nose and ear I would say that's correct, 15W flat with volume knob at noon and neighboring arrievent even faster than the Ibanez GX60 knob fully, D) The big bonus is then the headphone output with level "simulation of real output" - Settings editable at will through the GUI (Graphic User Interface) program to refine its sound, save and record directly to your computer, create loops or play with his own backing tracks in MP3 ... It is not completely wrong but firstly I find the current ergonomics program ("Blackstar Insider") directed more teen dating forum that amp settings (interface NET under, sniff ...) despite some good ideas (eg. comparison of his "base" / "current") Unfortunately anihilées by NET style used (eg previous implies return top of the list). and other announcements installation / stabilization app is horrible even with a "real" full windows7, yet does not run under wine or CodeWeavers and if "works" under Virtualbox, at least with me (I've seen cases on the web who were reached) is a bit clumsy having to launch a virtualization 2G RAM (NET. + Silverlight require) just for for the amp while the rest of the apps that I would use at the same time also have a need for memory space and clock ticks quite crucial: D) In short, the hardware and the software are extra DSP (note 9 +) but the "INSIDER" (interface user GUI) is again almost completely (note 3 -).

    Epiphone Les Paul Special II - Ebony

    by YuriW on 07-28-2014 11:53 PM This epiphone was the second guitar in my life. I’ve sold my first one to buy this LP from my cousin, mainly because I was 16 years old and wanted to be Jimmy Page. Had it for some good 3 years before moving on to something better and don’t regret it at all. That was quite some time ago, though, at around 2001 there were not as many options of instruments for starters as we have today. It has the shape of a classic les paul, but the top is flat (unfortunately not the nicer looking arched top like the standard epiphones and gibsons), two humbucker pickups, tune-o-matic bridge, one volume and one tone knob that affects both pickups, one pickup selector with three positions, 22 frets, dot inlays and a pretty nice black finish.

    Recording King RO-227 - Martin copy, except the finish.

    by Jp6l6 on 07-28-2014 11:20 PM Copy of the Martin 000 42. Solid Spruce Sitka AA Back and Sides: Solid Rosewood Mahogany one piece Ebony fingerboard and bridge Dam to the original. Everything is there except the pickguard that you can add, brand and price. Mechanical "type" Wavelry (copies). 14 frets non-cash. Finish polyurethane clear and bright. V handle slightly, not very Martin, so. When I was in the school of violin I built a copy of the Martin 000 Eric Clapton. I will not compare these two guitars, it would not be objective. The Recording King is a guitar + / - € 600 I had 400 and I normally have the offer. The gift could not be done, I finally found a use. The seller wanted more but I decided to give him a job for free on another guitar. Recording King is an American brand that was prestigious. Today, guitars are still designed in the USA but built in China.

    Peavey ReValver MK III.V - not great

    by savears6 on 07-28-2014 09:26 PM Easy installation on PC Simple setup: rack effects to change and move at will

    Overloud TH2 - blah ...

    by savears6 on 07-28-2014 09:20 PM Easy installation on PC Simple setup: rack effects to change and move at will

    M-Audio Key Rig 49 - Does its job fairly well!

    by YuriW on 07-28-2014 09:16 PM I make soundtracks for videogames and after more than enough time writing all the lines for my midi instruments in Logic’s piano roll I decided to buy a controler to make the whole production process faster and more musical. The chosen one was this M-Audio KeyRig 49. It has four octaves of velocity sensitive keys (but no aftertouch!), a modulation wheel, a pitch bend wheel, a volume fader, octave up/down buttons, an ‘edit’ button (more on that later), sustain pedal input, on/off switch, finally the usb port to connect it to your computer (no ac needed), and absolutely nothing else. Construction is pretty good, but feels like it would get damaged if you drop it from a not so short height. No worries if you're always leaving it in the studio, just keep the box in case you need to move it somewhere else. Overall I really like the clean no-knobs look of it and its silver color.

    Native Instruments Guitar Rig 5 Pro

    by savears6 on 07-28-2014 09:15 PM Easy installation on PC Simple setup: rack effects to change and move at will

    Koch Multitone II 100 - complete and ultra sounds terriblemement!

    by Anahata on 07-28-2014 08:58 PM amplification and preamp: all lamps. Lamps amplification stage are EL 34 siemens NOS (New Old Stock armies of the east) ie the rolls lamps, some even compare to the famous Mullard. I have two lamps retube amplification last week and so I contacted the dealer who confirmed that these lamps were admittedly a bit expensive (170 pair) but the manufacturer took the option to in his amps ultra efficient lamps from the outset to achieve very good sound from purchase, proof of the attention given to the manufacture of these amps (same for the rest of the components!) But the mindset Koch does not stop there, the wiring lamps allows to change lamps in pairs and so do not have to change all four lights at once (to avoid having to expensive at a retube). The bias are intended to be set in pairs. connection: an incredible range of possibilities and connections that work! Personally, I love the ability to put effects loops in series AND parallel (reverbs, delays ...). It has a direct output with speaker simulation for recording or to enter a console live without cutting HP: Royal and without distorting the sound of the amp. Ability to add HP (but 50 or 100W lamps I do not use it) A super comfortable detail: two inputs for single coil or humbucker for (dig a little mediums): ideal for those who have a favorite strat, gibson a shot and as for the rest, it works really well! Reverb (accutronic spring) is very respectable and it is easily disconnectable (RCA) for those who like me insert a unit of effect. Power output: 50W and 100W in triode and pentode with a switch on the rear panel. I used 50W sound suits me better (roots) but tests 100W is equally compelling for a slightly more modern game. Anyway, the sound is great in both cases. (See "Tones") settings: a highly effective and very fine equations per channel (clean / crunch and saturated), see chapter "sounds". A volume control for each channel and separate drive. A mix knob reverb or effects loop very end, a speaker damping three positions according to the places where we play and the icing on the cake, two volumes of output (rhythm or solo) switchable by footswitch. complete and ultra comfort! Each channel is selectable by footswitch (5 switches), which also provides the ability to cut or reverb (or effect loops) + selection of rhythm or solo volume. The pedal is super tough with a cable about five or six meters.

    Blackstar Amplification HT-5R - Ultra convenient and beautiful sound

    by Q_ on 07-28-2014 08:53 PM 5W lamps.

    Fender American Stratocaster '62 Reissue Fullerton (1982) - Wow

    by Q_ on 07-28-2014 08:20 PM made in USA, in the original Fender factory in Fullerton (before moving to Corona). Mine is 83 (the fullerton are made between 82 and 84)

    Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2 - Quality and functionality at affordable prices!

    by MrWnck on 07-28-2014 06:30 PM NI decides to take the plunge and propose a mixer which aims hybrid, to manage two analog sources (phono / line) and / or the integrated and up to 4 decks in traktor traktor timecode. Technical side, the Z2 includes: IN: - Track A and B in the CAR; phono or line (+ ground for each track) - To CAR - Mic in Jack OUT: - A hand out XLR and RCA - A booth in jack - A headphone with both formats jack, handy outlet when you do not put this adapter *** ... ^ ^ A plus for the USB 2 (2 slots) HUB useful when you have a small laptop with only 2 slots and that is already taken by the z2 ... MIXER: Classical side: slice gain / hi / med / low + filter that works even without computer, fader correct quality and cross more than adequate; each cross faders and is upgradeable with innofaders (possibility of the same on the rane 62 for example). The cross can be reversed and the curvature is adjustable. Next mix 2.0; nice and soft backlit push, knobs endless notched for loops (with digital displays for the length of the loop), 2 sections 2 effects knobs, one knob displacement browser + volume control of tracks C, D and.

    Arobas Music Guitar Pro 5 - Simple but powerful.

    by Dargor on 07-28-2014 05:52 PM There were no compatibility issues under Windows XP and 7. It has the typical configuration setup like any other notation software, as well as a really easy setup. The only counterpart (for me at least) was the MIDI controller setup, since it never accepted my MIDI controller. Nice user interface and easy to use, since it's really intuitive.

    Garritan Personal Orchestra 4 - An orchestra at your hands.

    by Dargor on 07-28-2014 05:29 PM There were no conflicts nor compatibility issues under WIndows XP and 7. The manual is really clear and easy to read, giving you extensive examples and detailed explanation on the program functions and usage. Really easy setup and configuration straight forward, also very well explained on the manual. Great interface and all the program's instruments are available on the go, as well as their filters and effects, as something that i gaven't seen often on many other virtual instrument programs.

    Yamaha PAC821D - Truly a guitar for pros!

    by lisalee on 07-28-2014 05:16 PM I have the yamaha 821 dx model above but I did not know or put. Designed by Rich Lasner office Californian study yamaha. Made in Taiwan. I can tell you it has nothing to do with the current pacifica. 5400 francs bought there 14 years, given you an idea, the fender USA was 4500 francs included case ... So I think that this guitar would be worth in 2000 euros ... Nothing to say when the quality, it is well above the standard of USA Gibson and Fender! Lightly flamed maple neck with rosewood fingerboard Rio (now banned wood) body of a single piece alder while my fender usa is in two parts. maple wavy AAA quality very very good floyd rose licensed under stable hyper. This is by far my most versatile guitar and also my favorite with my old Fender Jaguar 64. It is what I always take in the studio, because unlike the micro fender, there is no noise and it was a really clean sound (thank you Di Marzio)

    Focal Alpha 65 - Congratulations and thanks for Focal price / quality ratio.

    by nofuturenocore on 07-28-2014 05:05 PM Above all I want to say that I just unpack pregnant after completely redo all my home studio A to Z, there are currently no furniture in the room is square outside the office so acoustics room is not great at the moment. What characteristics have motivated your choice? - The frequency range announced - The brand - The price - Design For what purpose? - Sound design analog (modular synth etc.). - Mix / Mastering digital - Recreational Listen What amp / What configuration? ... - Used with a MOTU Microbook II card (do not buy ...) - TRS-XLR Cables Cordial - DAW (Ableton Live)

    Native Instruments Massive - Excellent synth for producers!

    by Dargor on 07-28-2014 04:23 PM There were no compatibility issues at all on WIndows 7 32 bits. The manual it's just that, an installation and usage manual, so don't expect it to explain in detail how to use the full potential of the software. Setup it's really simple and straight forward, so you should not have any issues with it, so as the configuration.

    Zoom H4n - Good and practical

    by YuriW on 07-28-2014 04:11 PM I work with videogame soundtracks and bought a used Zoom H4n to record ambiences and outdoor sounds in general. Mine one has a pretty nice plastic case, an AC adapter (but can run on two AA bateries as well) and an USB cable, and I've bought a separate 16gb SD card to use with it. It has two condenser microphones, two extra inputs for additional mics (which can be phantom powered) or line DI/sources, and you can use all these 4 channels at once. It records wav files (up to 24bits and 96kHz) and mp3's. The usb cable is not only to transfer files to your computer, but can also make the unit work as a regular audio interface, nice resource. Besides that, it has a few built-in effects (compressor, amp simulator, delay, etc) that are not good (you might wanna use them to plug your guitar and practice with a headphone... might) and a small speaker that is usefull to have a quick listen to a file and make sure that everything is working fine (of course, you can also do that with a headphone). The construction is robust and it looks like it could handle some hits and falls with no problems. I don't have much experience with portable recorders, but I can say that the pre amps on the H4n are not as good as the ones from a regular audio interface in the same price range. But they are not awful either: you can get some usable sounds from the stock mics and some very usable sounds if you use a couple external ones. I usually end up always boosting a little top end and cutting a little around 200Hz, 300Hz from the files recorded with the H4n. One thing I really like is that the stock mics can be twisted to open up the angle of the stereo XY recording, from 90° - good for stereo instrument recordings - until 120° - good for my ambiences because they sound large and fill up the stereo spectrum nicely. Being able to do it without any other mic is really handy. I don't really like the little screen and think that navigating through the unit's functions could be easier. Anyways, you can still learn how to use it and get your work done. Overall, even with its problems I think that the H4n is a good product, that does its job well (which for me is to record stuff out of the studio, but you can easily find other applications) without taking much of your money. If I had to buy another portable recorder I would probably look around for other models before just to make sure that there is something better around nowadays (I would trade the effects for better pre amps without thinking twice, for example), but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't find anything as good and as practical as the H4n for this price.

    Doepfer A-120 24dB Low Pass 1 - The Moog sound in your studio for a few euros ...

    by sk-ethum on 07-28-2014 03:31 PM Reproduction of Moog 24dB low pass filter in Eurorack Format: - A potentiometer controls the cutoff frequency of the filter. - Two independent potentiometers (CV2/CV3) for assaying the amplitude modulation signals applied a cut-off frequency of the filter. - A potentiometer for assaying the amplitude of the audio input signal. - A potentiometer for assaying the level of filter resonance. - A CV input - Frequency direct filter (without amplitude potentiometer). - Two CV input (CV2/CV3) - filter frequency control potentiometer (respectively two potentiometers cited above)

    Akai MPX8 - no, no and ... no.

    by ilan1000 on 07-28-2014 08:11 AM nice one point the editor for mac sucks too ...

    Gretsch G6117HT Anniversary

    by Mrcrnt on 07-28-2014 06:31 AM Everything is original U.S. but final assembly is in Japan, which is a nice guitar "Made In Japan" ... Too bad! As regards the technical characteristics: -Bridge Bigsby -Maple neck and ebony fingerboard. -Two Humbucker pickups Hilo'Tron Two-switch for choice of mic positions and resonance microphones. Grover-Mechanical -22 Frets -3 Potentiometer: 1 master volume, 1 bridge volume, neck volume 1. Everything exudes simplicity and quality.

    Neunaber Technology Wet Stereo Reverb - excellent!

    by Marc67270 on 07-28-2014 04:49 AM Stereo reverb pedal, but not only: Customized with the free software customizer pedal manufacturer. It is light (aluminum housing) and solid, good point made in USA, excellent quality. Digital technology, but the dry signal is preserved: no A / D conversion and D / A inputs degrades signal.2 6.35mm (! Stereo, you are told), 2 outputs ditto, 9V power supply, USB, 2 and 3.5 mm jack for expression pedal to the mix and deph WARNING: 9V is not in standard format, the plug is a little too high and my cable ballote a little inside: risk of bad contact as soon as one moves, will have an adapter ... 3 knobs: Left: mix (rule "quantity" of reverb added to the dry signal) Right: deph (equivalent to room, hall to see Cathedral ah ah So what is the size of the simulated room!) Middle: tone (tone reverbs only, not for the sound dry.Donne a matt or bright side to the atmosphere created) no midi. I wish: a normal power supply socket (what interest to take one size bigger??) A third expression for the connection tone, useful for adjusting the volume of shimmer when you download the program adéquat.Mais maybe it is not very useful ... For that, I put 7.

    Fender Classic '60s Jazz Bass Lacquer - 3-Color Sunburst - Fantastic vintage tone, great look and feel.

    by Pjones9 on 07-28-2014 03:46 AM The first time I saw this bass was many years ago, when watching a Led Zeppelin video. I fell in love instantly. The color, the sunburst tone and punch of this Jazz bass captivated me. As any bass player would, I listened carefully to John Paul Jones' basslines and wondered how many different basses he had recorded with (in early Led Zep recordings), cause the sound was so different every song, sometimes deep and expressive and then aggressive and harsh. Then I read that he used the same Jazz bass for all those songs! I was determined to get this bass, and when I finally did, I was delighted with its versatility, punch and feel. My bass is made in Mexico, but it sounds perfect and overall quality is excellent. The electronics are great and the tone controls give you a lot of sound-shaping options. It has an alder body, (so it's fairly heavy) a 'C' shaped maple neck and rosewood fingerboard. Like the original 60's bass, it has 20 frets and vintage-style reverse tuning machines, which you have to get used to tune the other way, but this is obviously not an issue. It also features 2 Jazz bass single-coil pickups and purple shell pick-guard.

    Zoom PS-04 - Very good product

    by TycoTyco on 07-28-2014 01:11 AM I sold it for an 8-track, I got the Zoom super results ...! Sometimes I regret it, despite its small size, it was very full ... I did not use all its possibilities (Effects, BAR) one concerns the ability of the card 128 MB ... In the last shot, sometimes it buggait, and if no backup! ... Anyway, I loaded the mule! ... A great product ...
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