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    Akai MPX8 - no, no and ... no.

    by ilan1000 on 07-28-2014 08:11 AM nice one point the editor for mac sucks too ...

    Gretsch G6117HT Anniversary

    by Mrcrnt on 07-28-2014 06:31 AM Everything is original U.S. but final assembly is in Japan, which is a nice guitar "Made In Japan" ... Too bad! As regards the technical characteristics: -Bridge Bigsby -Maple neck and ebony fingerboard. -Two Humbucker pickups Hilo'Tron Two-switch for choice of mic positions and resonance microphones. Grover-Mechanical -22 Frets -3 Potentiometer: 1 master volume, 1 bridge volume, neck volume 1. Everything exudes simplicity and quality.

    Neunaber Technology Wet Stereo Reverb - excellent!

    by Marc67270 on 07-28-2014 04:49 AM Stereo reverb pedal, but not only: Customized with the free software customizer pedal manufacturer. It is light (aluminum housing) and solid, good point made in USA, excellent quality. Digital technology, but the dry signal is preserved: no A / D conversion and D / A inputs degrades signal.2 6.35mm (! Stereo, you are told), 2 outputs ditto, 9V power supply, USB, 2 and 3.5 mm jack for expression pedal to the mix and deph WARNING: 9V is not in standard format, the plug is a little too high and my cable ballote a little inside: risk of bad contact as soon as one moves, will have an adapter ... 3 knobs: Left: mix (rule "quantity" of reverb added to the dry signal) Right: deph (equivalent to room, hall to see Cathedral ah ah So what is the size of the simulated room!) Middle: tone (tone reverbs only, not for the sound dry.Donne a matt or bright side to the atmosphere created) no midi. I wish: a normal power supply socket (what interest to take one size bigger??) A third expression for the connection tone, useful for adjusting the volume of shimmer when you download the program adéquat.Mais maybe it is not very useful ... For that, I put 7.

    Fender Classic '60s Jazz Bass Lacquer - 3-Color Sunburst - Fantastic vintage tone, great look and feel.

    by Pjones9 on 07-28-2014 03:46 AM The first time I saw this bass was many years ago, when watching a Led Zeppelin video. I fell in love instantly. The color, the sunburst tone and punch of this Jazz bass captivated me. As any bass player would, I listened carefully to John Paul Jones' basslines and wondered how many different basses he had recorded with (in early Led Zep recordings), cause the sound was so different every song, sometimes deep and expressive and then aggressive and harsh. Then I read that he used the same Jazz bass for all those songs! I was determined to get this bass, and when I finally did, I was delighted with its versatility, punch and feel. My bass is made in Mexico, but it sounds perfect and overall quality is excellent. The electronics are great and the tone controls give you a lot of sound-shaping options. It has an alder body, (so it's fairly heavy) a 'C' shaped maple neck and rosewood fingerboard. Like the original 60's bass, it has 20 frets and vintage-style reverse tuning machines, which you have to get used to tune the other way, but this is obviously not an issue. It also features 2 Jazz bass single-coil pickups and purple shell pick-guard.

    Zoom PS-04 - Very good product

    by TycoTyco on 07-28-2014 01:14 AM I sold it for an 8-track, I got the Zoom super results ...! Sometimes I regret it, despite its small size, it was very full ... I did not use all its possibilities (Effects, BAR) one concerns the ability of the card 128 MB ... In the last shot, sometimes it buggait, and if no backup! ... Anyway, I loaded the mule and used it without moderation virtual tracks ...! A great product ...

    Zoom PS-04 - Very good product

    by TycoTyco on 07-28-2014 01:11 AM I sold it for an 8-track, I got the Zoom super results ...! Sometimes I regret it, despite its small size, it was very full ... I did not use all its possibilities (Effects, BAR) one concerns the ability of the card 128 MB ... In the last shot, sometimes it buggait, and if no backup! ... Anyway, I loaded the mule! ... A great product ...

    LTD EX-401DX - See Thru Black - Devastating looks and sounds crazy!

    by chapape on 07-28-2014 12:43 AM Floyd rose bridge special (not a real floyd under license) Mahogany neck 24 frets with abalone inlay Channel crossing with key rosewood Channel Emg 60 bridge emg 81 Mahogany body flamed maple top (400 did not) I brought this guitar japan because it is not imported into France. it cost me about 1200 euros expensive but I do not regret it. I needed this guitar because I wanted a real floyd not under license, and I'm a fan of the explorer. The jackson did not suit me because they have a body Tilleur while with Emg must necessarily mahogany if it sounds a bit cold.

    Doepfer A-110 Standard VCO - My first VCO: Satisfied!

    by sk-ethum on 07-28-2014 12:15 AM VCO Doepfer "entry level" - A switch octave (-2 / +2). - A fine tuning knob (- / +1 semi-tone). - A potentiometer for assaying the amplitude of the modulation signal applied to the pitch. - A potentiometer for adjusting the PW (width of the square wave) manually. - A potentiometer for assaying the amplitude of the modulation signal applied to the PW. - A "Sync" entry to synchronize another VCO. - A CV input - Direct Pitch (without amplitude potentiometer). - A CV input - Pitch control by potentiometer (one mentioned above). - A CV input - PW direct (without amplitude potentiometer). - A CV input - PW, control potentiometer (one mentioned above). Four outputs for audio waveforms (saw, pulse, tri, sine). These outputs are simultaneous, so that we can use all the waveforms at the same time (provided you have a module mix audio).

    Korg microKONTROL - Pretty, compact, useful.

    by robdelap on 07-27-2014 11:18 PM Midi controllers, midi controllers everywhere! o/ I chose this particular one because of it's small size, which fits perfectly on my desk just front of my qwerty keyboard. It also features all of the standard controls you'd expect in bigger controllers: 8 knobs, 8 faders, 16 velocity sensitive pads, an XY joystick and three octaves, which should accommodate for most of the day to day midi exercises of the project studio and pro studios that need a desktop solution. It's also very, very sexy with it's metal framing (maybe a bit too korgish for some people) and pretty well made, and 9 LCD 6-letters-long 3-color displays that show the value of either the knob or fader in question and a label of the parameter you're adjusting, the extra one being for a central knob that serves as a setup knob. Sadly though, these cannot be customized (you pick the labels from inside the controller), but on some DAWs like (il)Logic it does reflect the parameters you see on screen. You can run this little cutie on 6 AA batteries, and included AC adaptor or just do it like everyone else and power it directly through the USB port (the square to classic kind). Yeah.

    Korg Pa3X 61 - The best arranger

    by garabed02 on 07-27-2014 10:19 PM Complete arranger, in all modes (workstation, play style, sound mode). Also very reactive with the touch screen. Nice finish. Too bad the 61 keys is not adjustable screen model.

    Yamaha MG82CX - Impeccable

    by garabed02 on 07-27-2014 10:04 PM Caractéristiquse very good for a small portable mixer (I said it is not amplified). Its 8 tracks are ample that it is in the studio, or "small" live.

    Arturia KeyLab 61 - A little disappointed

    by FAB_caluire on 07-27-2014 06:31 PM I was looking for a midi keyboard for the live to fly synth, organ, samples ... (connected to a laptop)

    Peavey PV 215D - Very good sound, very good performance and low price.

    by lerevecbeau on 07-27-2014 02:41 PM Features: RMS Power: 400W MAX Power: 800W Class D amplifier Two HP 15 "with 2.4" voice coil Coil tweeter with titanium 1.4 " Inputs: XLR or Jack 6.35 Output: jack 6,35 to chain the speakers. Dimensions: 1225 x 467 x 362mm Weight: 36kg I use since May 2014 in the small outdoor concerts. I knew this product before use. What motivated my purchase, this is a promotion of 40%. At this price, it was given. They are powerful, have a good performance (Output power / high power consumption). The sound is well defined even in the acute. Compared with LD Systems array or Bose L1 Cylindrical Radiator I used a lot, the sound is much more power and less directive on Peavy which is better outdoors. The only complaint I could do for now is that it is heavy ... 36kg x 2 ... Compared to Bose L1 Cylindrical Radiator it is portable. In conclusion, this is a very good value for money especially for the PA group.

    Egnater Rebel-30 - I love

    by mrfux70 on 07-27-2014 01:12 PM For it was all over the net, then a keyboards ;-)

    M-Audio ProKeys Sono 88 - beautiful sound, and easy to edit.

    by chapape on 07-27-2014 11:32 AM Well initially I cherais a digital piano good. I tried a yamaha np 30, the m ... I came across the one I already knew the brand M Audio serious. 88 weighted key hit, it's rare for a master keyboard. Plain sounds of piano and organ, so I even speak to you with the external card!

    Yamaha MOTIF ES6 - Love it despite some latency

    by Bruin on 07-27-2014 08:18 AM Yamaha workstation, 61 keys, purchased 2 additional sound cards. See product descriptions with lots of details elsewhere.

    Beyerdynamic M 88 TG - Top notch

    by Calagan on 07-27-2014 05:15 AM It is a versatile hyper-cardioid dynamic microphone. It is effective on many sources, with a very detailed without being cold or aggressive. I love it.

    Yamaha DXR12 - An exceptional product

    by creolia83 on 07-27-2014 04:45 AM I use it for one month before I had the cube in thoman C112 for 8-inch sub and most of this many connections with the same beautiful setting for each input and output in a lightweight design lounge are mild with This very low even outdoors least frankly I not see yet. excellent value for money I would buy the same speakers with pleasure meanwhile it is in my living room and gives me a unique sound that is with our karaoke night or just a movie are is beautiful in my performance has enchanting public my 80s Retro Thechno .... ect missing more to try a sub DXS in the future and I would be in heaven

    MOTU UltraLite mk3 Hybrid - Nomadic and Quality at appointment

    by chupachups on 07-27-2014 03:16 AM size (small) production (solid), very good quality of its inputs, the number of entries, virtual mix table (but very complicated "modular") compressors, reverb, and EQ. We can do without a computer :-) map also operates autonomously. Self-powered Firewire :-) I have a MOTU (large version).

    Sound Comet Special Bass Organ - J Love

    by STEPHTRUC on 07-26-2014 11:03 PM Tube amp 30 watts for organ or low, in truth it is deadly with a guitar. Two preamp no reverb, only a clear sound. A push pull on the treble to boost.

    Gibson Burstbucker 2 - Black - Typed but excellent

    by TuneUp Studio on 07-26-2014 08:36 PM These Gibson pickups have a particular color, we love it or hate it. Some will find the sound a little claustrophobic or "duck" other very warm and woody. This is pretty typical, to give an idea is to have enough roots sounds of Gibson, those that can look with even a Lespaul ES335, so rather jazz, blues and early rock'n'roll, really creamy and rich in low-medium. Warning output level is rather high, not so much vintage as can be the color of the sound. Connection level there is the hot spot and the ground, so no possibility to split. I find it great if you want the type BB King while wanting a slightly higher gain, if you want to hard-rock go your way, you'll find dark and mushy ...

    Roland TR-606 - a 606 on custody

    by entropie on 07-26-2014 07:14 PM audio connectors and "Dyn sync" I converted midi signal via the Novation Drum Station and it works great (with a basic MIDI cable), please try one or two and it passes. not just effects Enhancement no sound editing, but its enough to make electro 80 "is great just missing a good clap retro (that I get a 505 for me)

    Fame Forum IV - quality, and price is everything

    by lauke_lux on 07-26-2014 07:09 PM See the manufacturer's website via musikproduktiv.de Guitar handmade in Gdansk, Poland, PRS comparable both in its quality (or better) Fixed bridge with a piezo Handle stuck in the body, flat beam profile C 12 "mahogany, a real pleasure, 24 jumbo frets good quality rosewood apron 2 humbuckers pickups Schaller Golden 50's; equivalent PAF / HB with split on exterior or interior SC. Then switch positions for 3 classic pickups. A push-pull volume and / or piezo knob powered by 9V battery board A knob for adjusting tone

    Roland TD-6KW - Good electro

    by drumscloud on 07-26-2014 04:21 PM Good drumkit with CC Roland Mesh, little Charley and new rack curved pad. Ideal for work at home without harming the environment. Not the best at Roland but enough to work. No regrets except GC pad that is small for my taste to receive a DB pedal and Hi-Hat Controller not super accurate. Purchased with stool, pedal GC and Sennheiser.

    Fender Super Champ X2 - Very good value for money

    by çacroustille on 07-26-2014 03:26 PM Hybrid amplification and modeling lamp. Full connectivity, possibility of release in Homs to 8 HP more substantial. Power 15 watts lamp, sufficient for group play but with a box equipped with a 12 inch HP.

    Carlton Camel 100 - THE NUGGET

    by bielside on 07-26-2014 03:04 PM Amplifier all lamps (4 EL34 and three 12AX7) with Accutronics reverb 3 springs and a 12 HP Celestion. 3 switches (hump) on the front to boost the sound or switch channel A (without clear hump on) Channel B (crunch / saturation). 100 watts sending very strong. Having knobs after cleaning, it may become "almost an amp apartment warm becoming the dice volume tenth reached. (Unlike some kind Fender blues deluxe). No need power braker. For the record, Carlton was a small Scottish company which offered 90 years in 1996 (I found the pub on August 96 Guitar and keyboards) 3 amp types: (Hybrid): Camel T 65 and 100 watts; (All lamps): Camel FT 50 and 100 watts; (Transistor): Nomad 65 and 100 watts. The success was immediate and dramatic, because believe the tests of time, the FT Camel proposed superb sound from light to full. The only problem is that reliability was not an appointment on the first models. Suddenly a lot of return for repair and a company not yet strong enough financially to cope with the many unforeseen work made it sank. Too bad, because as we will see below the sound is incredible and more Carlton had corrected this on the latest models (changing some components and adding stand-bye).

    Epiphone Les Paul Standard - Heritage Cherry Sunburst - I had a dream ...

    by blind Boy on 07-26-2014 01:21 PM Electric guitar Mahogany body, Maple top, bolt-on mahogany, rosewood fretboard, 22 frets, neck and bridge humbucker. Scale: 628mm, Width at nut: 42mm, chrome hardware, Colour: Cherryburst.

    T-Rex Engineering Dual Drive - Very nice product, nothing to grumble

    by SlapKid on 07-26-2014 06:00 AM Special Edition Toto 60ME anni, cousin I guess the yellow drive (which was a special edition for the guitarcenter us) but I have no proof. Good analog adonf, it is an overdrive channel with two drive-volume-tone for each practice. Alim usual 9v type boss, I think we can put a battery in case. True bypass completely transparent, a marvel. Juice without the sound goes, and if seconded on / bin switches nothing happens the sound is still there. T-rex has used a relay that is noble solution as compared to mechanical switches which overwhelms us pro-competition true bypass. No noise / buzz report, I fed with a harley powerplant junior. An input and an output power supply plug in the middle, we will return to fantasy!

    Washburn N2 NMK - Natural Matte - Ahh ... Bruno ...

    by Billlly on 07-26-2014 04:23 AM Made in Korea (Mine dates from 1994) Vibrato washburn 600s takeuchi (No not at all, see if we know enough resolve a floyd) Maple neck rosewood key 22 frets Alder body 3 parts Micro neck Washburn And "L500" version cheap 1 master volume

    Fender telecaster thinline 69' japan

    by gibson92 on 07-26-2014 03:48 AM Japan model blablabla handle etc ... Maple neck small top and wider in the middle and small after the 15 th fret ... low freight
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