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    Pearl Pearl MMX - top notch

    by teaipaea on 08-31-2014 06:56 AM Hello there I wanted to know if it was sold

    Orange Dark Terror DA15H - Dark terrifies me!

    by Mi(ni)me on 08-31-2014 03:08 AM * The more practice on this head, it is on its size and weight. Perfect for repeat without breaking your back. The cabinet which is accompanied, orange 2X12 Celestion Vintage 30 also remains very light (for you have had a Engl 2x12 believe me). * Small switch to select the power: 15 watts or 7 to choose from. For group play, the mode 7 watts is enough, no worries to compete with a drummer and the whole troop. Note that it is better to turn the volume on a tube amp to draw all the grain: 7 watts with volume at noon or 3/4 (in saturation with the gain in three quarters as it increases the volume ) and you can play and be heard. 15 watt mode will be used to enjoy the light and play with the overdrive / distos including a pedalboard. * Presence of an effects loop for your modulation effects (chorus, delay, reverb and whatnot).

    LTD F-400FM - See Thru Black - But I love ...

    by Dzak on 08-31-2014 02:57 AM Made Korea - Mahogany body with flamed maple top - Conductive handle 24 cases 3-piece mahogany - Rosewood fretboard, jumbo frets - Benchmarks "tribal custom abalone - 2 EMG-81 active electronically - Mechanical grover a bath oil and nut compensates - Tune o matic bridge with string-through-body - Green light fittings

    Squier Vintage Modified Tele Custom II - Blonde Maple - Yeah but blah ...

    by GregBado on 08-31-2014 02:41 AM The handle is a modern handle "C" very nice.

    Pioneer HDJ-500-K

    by Davmix on 08-31-2014 12:18 AM A little over a year. Yes I am Fragile headphone, and demanding attention to regular users!

    Fender Super Champ XD - Well to get into the world of lamps

    by libert0 on 08-30-2014 10:20 PM It is a hybrid amp: 1 channel all-tube and 2nd with hybrid modeling amp (pre-amp tube and transistor amplification). On the front, there is a jack input, a / BASS TREBLE EQ, gain, volume for each channel and an effects section (DSP) with reverb, chorus, delay and Vibratone (leslie cab). Finally, there is an HP 10 "Fender Special Design, all for a power of 15 Watts RMS.

    Roland MV-8800 - Although for sampling

    by locdog91 on 08-30-2014 10:03 PM Complete Interface

    König & Meyer 16280 - Great product

    by happyoiler on 08-30-2014 09:17 PM I have 5 screwed to the wall. Aesthetic and practical. Good Q / Price. Caution still with heads telecaster who tend to slip but the button mechanical E grave will eventually block the descent.

    Ibanez S5570 - Transparent Black Sunburst - That I needed!

    by adrienviala007 on 08-30-2014 09:14 PM This beautiful instrument is made in Japan by Ibanez prestige home team. The neck is a 5 piece box 24 The vibrato is on the edge lo pro, the same as vai or satriani The pickups are Ibanez (yes It exists) MSM Volume and tone simplicity is de rigueur 5 position selector She is really beautiful, the vein of the body are mahogany and elegant varnished no defect! Let's plug and play!

    Paiste Signature Traditionals Thin Crash 20'' - Crash Landing

    by rw on 08-30-2014 05:35 PM Beautiful light and dark crash of 1831 gr. Sweet and mellow attack (the edges are fine). Very good response and sustain rather short. The sound is warm and soft on a pitch (rather very) low. Shine on beautiful bass. Small dome, so not too much midrange undesirable. Sound hazy high quality. These are the most "trashy" refined and complex high-end crashes Paiste (since 2014 have come out of the factories Paiste Dark Crash of Twenty Masters Collection series, close enough). All Traditionals Signatures are outstanding qualities used in volumes ranging from very soft to hard. Very nice game use supported ride, alternating with accents crash. Due to its size, this big crash could be especially difficult to control in game ride, but thanks to its reasonable sustain vibration (wash) is completely controllable without packing in invasive mounted. Cymbal multiple jobs, not (always) as versatile as the Signature Series Dark Energy but against much more specific. A very deep and contrasting spectrum ... a lot of complexity, depth and light. Choice of high quality. Rare and hard to find.

    Gamin'3 Buzz Driver - fuzz on top for the blues / rock!

    by blek77 on 08-30-2014 05:07 PM distortion / fuzz silicon

    Gamin'3 Push-uP - Exceptionally clean boost

    by blek77 on 08-30-2014 04:22 PM clean boost

    Elephorm Apprendre le mixage audio en Home Studio - Tip top to take the guess

    by Ykar on 08-30-2014 04:21 PM In hours of reading on AF web searches, I finally bring myself to buy this training DVD. It promises more than 7 hours of learning, I was a bit skeptical about the content (too much talk, dilution of the subject, duplication, or other, perhaps? ...) After viewing the 7:30, I put a notice on AF because this DVD is worth it. Admittedly, it takes a little prior background to understand some things, the DVD is not a 100% blue cock that absolutely start from scratch. "Slope" on an EQ or compression, you must have already heard, but vulgaristaion is still very successful. And then issue purely basic concepts that do not absolutely mastered, there AF, records and discussions. This is especially once past the pure theory (and this is required), we go live to the mix as a starting raw tracks to get to the end result. Step by step, we see that indeed that induce any corrections, hints at the key. Alexander BADAGEE is very didactic, clear, precise, not hesitating to remonstrate two or three times points or modifications to make it fit into the head and ears of the listener apprentice sound engineer. I'll see my way to work to arrive at something more methodical inspiration from this demo to also correct some errors. Already, and because I do not have the softwares presented in training, I started looking for plugs freeware approaching those used by BADAGEE (including compressors), and it is clear that the corrections and treatments provided directly otherwise sound better than my two basic treatments STAN probably already because their dosages are easier to calibrate. Training strikes me as a big advantage: It helps to understand that part of the mix is ​​made up of some automation need to practice, and that once these rather "mechanical" steps past (cleaning tracks optimization and EQ levels), we can focus on the artistic aspect that will give its final aesthetic to the song. That is € 49 which are not stolen, as 10/10 that I put in the training.

    Takamine TSF40C - THE sound I like Takamine

    by samyteam on 08-30-2014 03:38 PM This is a jumbo cutaway at the 20th box Table Solid Cedar Sides and solid Mahogany back Mache mahogany Ebony Button 21 frets, mechanical oil bath Bone nut and bridge Japanese manufacturing Glossy finish Insert Santa Fe blue pearl on the 12th fret Rosette with a dash of blue pearl Equipped preamp Takamine CTP-2 "also called Cool Tube" Possibility of adding an additional mic connected to the auxiliary input of the preamp. Delivered very well finished hard case.

    Hq Power VDL301GL

    by slouptoouut on 08-30-2014 03:38 PM Small laser that I find ok for the price I paid The power seems to conform to what is announced and sufficient for amateur use in small room, the effects are quite many and varied, and rather good fiabilitée (in the same range and the same power, I have known many laser mostly down!) We might regret making a pretty sloppy (many with large assemblies mounted paté glue), and the absence of enslavement of galvos (figures obtained are therefore a bit messy)

    Korg nanoKONTROL2 - White - Functional and useful for a low price

    by .Steff on 08-30-2014 03:19 PM I use it for a few months, and I must say that since I have it, I use it regularly. I did not have the utility of this kind of material before I put a little record and mix a few pieces. When there are not many tracks, that's fine. Over a dozen track, it becomes a bit of a chore. For starters, and to make everyday tasks without sound engineer, it's perfect for a mini price.

    Millenium PD-222 Pro Serie Fußmaschine - bluffing !!!! to recommend!

    by tilter13 on 08-30-2014 03:03 PM A double pedal buy used instead of my single Tama, I wanted to try a double without putting a ring of madness !!! this pedal is at the top with a quality / price unbeatable, very robust report, many settings to suit everyone, very stable. She never let go of my concerts. (By the way a little heavy during transport) Even my teacher drum that rotates in Tama, find it great! I think we can not compare it to high-end models that exceed € 500. I recommend this pedal from beginner to intermediate see .... I put her score of 9. Musically.

    Waldorf Streichfett - Very, very good

    by g.dps on 08-30-2014 02:54 PM Well, as much bothered by that, to avoid redundancy, I invite you to refer to both the test Synthwalker for technical details and reviews petitsynthé. I just would add that, more accustomed to the "junk" I was surprised at the quality a little fake plastic used for the bottom of the box. But it's still anecdotal. On the facade quality is very honest: good screen printing on a matte black paint that should not attract too much dust, the color we like it or not, each his own. Me I do not care as long as it makes music, my wife love it! (Bona fide) The knobs are slightly rickety but provide reasonable resistance to rotation, the switches are nice to handle.

    Dean Markley K-75 - To Clear Thing Up...

    by PoorOtis on 08-30-2014 11:25 AM THIS K75 AMP IS A SOLID STATE AMP

    Vintage Summer Of Love V6MRHDX - Vintage summer of love

    by youlix42 on 08-30-2014 05:44 AM C is made in Asia, Stratocaster, Fender replica Hendrix, wilkinson pickups, thick enough to handle a strat

    Eagletone DM58 - worth the price.

    by Skatino on 08-30-2014 05:32 AM XLR output, supplied in a faux leather case in good order. Also provided an adapter to create a level! Really good to have thought!

    Gibson Les Paul Studio '50s Tribute Humbucker - Satin Gold Top Dark Back - My Gibson, My guitar, my Emily.

    by Skatino on 08-30-2014 05:25 AM True with Gibson USA pickups made in USA! At this price it is given! The handle is ebony I think. It is glued which is very good!. There are two microphones humbuckers high quality, mechanical lovely tulips and two tone, pickup selector etc. ..

    Yamaha APX500II - Oriental Blue Burst - A very good Folk!

    by Skatino on 08-30-2014 05:14 AM A rather nice guitar with a very good built-in tuner .. It works with standard batteries (AA, I think ..) so no flat batteries from watches whatever! Mechanical rather fragile so be careful!

    Dunlop Acoustic Curved Trigger Capo 83CN - Nickel - expensive but effective

    by Skatino on 08-30-2014 05:06 AM It's a little pricey, yes, but it does its job and is fairly solid thus keep!

    RTX G1NX - Really perfect

    by Skatino on 08-30-2014 05:05 AM As often with RTX, you pay the price but we must! This one has nothing to do with the m ** woodbrass of trying to copy it! It's really cool and puts the guitar into focus and turns your favorite decorative item instrument! Truly the best walk I have! Total confidence.

    Gibson Usa Logo Gigbag - good but not worth a rigid.

    by Skatino on 08-30-2014 05:03 AM So it is here is the super quality. But if we take this out of spite is often with a LP / SG that has not had a chance to have a hard case .. But let's not gossip! This case is the NEC + ultra soft case! And so sweet that I would love to make a bed for myself!

    RTX MPX - expensive but good ..

    by Skatino on 08-30-2014 04:59 AM Has put its size a little short (and I'm 168cm ..) that foot is very well made if a little expensive ..

    Korg D32XD - not bad, very good machine

    by fabcyan on 08-30-2014 04:13 AM good

    FBT HiMaxX 60a - Big sound 60a

    by géber on 08-30-2014 03:07 AM Hello everyone, having toured with himaxx 40a + sub himaxx 100SA, I decided for smaller parties to make me a pair of 60a. As the title says very very big sound, quality always fbt to go, great product for its quality manufacturing that sound, only downside size and weight, but after a few moments listening worth.

    Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 - Simply SUPER !!!

    by franckyrock12345 on 08-30-2014 02:23 AM There is a year I was looking for a sound card really cheap on Ebay and I came across the bundle of this soundcard with a microphone and headphones CM25. I look at other models of the other company, at that price with what came with my choice was already made! I use it for a year and it's perfect for me, I never saw any default.
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