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    Fender Princeton 65 - A Little Classic

    by on 10-23-2016 04:49 AM I play in a power pop covers band in the UK (The Fadeouts) I got this amp as a backup to my incredibly heavy Mesa Boogie Single Rectoverb 60, we play 10CC/Pilot/Be Bop Deluxe and much more besides ...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Boss VF-1 - A swiss army knife updated from Boss earlier half rack Multi-FX

    by on 10-17-2016 06:25 PM For which specific applications or uses have you chosen this product? Mainly bass guitar really, second electric guitar, and studio mainstay effects processor. In what context do you currently...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Boss SE-70 Super Effects Processor - Very Good Swiss Army Knife of effects, still in 2016

    by on 10-17-2016 05:59 PM For which specific applications or uses have you chosen this product? All studio effects, live PA, reverb, limiting, and mostly synths, guitar fx, and bass. In what context do you currently us...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Hufschmid Guitars Drop Picks - Hufschmid plectrums, by far the best picks I've ever played!

    by on 10-16-2016 03:36 PM I recently received my Hufschmid picks and wanted to play them for a few weeks so that I could get some good hands on experience before writting a review. These are by far the very best I've ev...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Roland Cube-20XL - Wish we could do 0.5 star increments...

    by on 10-03-2016 02:53 AM Pros: Awesome clean sound even with humbuckers, effects also fantastic, very pleased. Can't put volume at 10 or the neighbors will shoot me Cons: Some of the dirty sounds (OD, Heavy Metal, dist...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Roland SVC-350 Vocoder - The OG Robo Voice

    by on 09-27-2016 07:32 PM There's a ton of Vocoders out there, but this one is the classic 80's Bboy version! It just cuts right through the music like no other and is also the one used to make the classic "aah, this stuff ...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Stanton Magnetics STR8-150 New Look - Turntable For a Deserted Island

    by on 09-27-2016 07:22 PM If I had to pick one turntable to have in my studio for the rest of my life... it would have to be this one! Reasons: 1. It has a reverse button which I need when I'm experimenting in the studio. 2...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Technics SL-1200 LTD - My Trophy Tables

    by on 09-27-2016 07:05 PM I'm a collector and these, being the Technics freak I am, are just a must have for my Octagon! The octagon, is like a round table of 8 turntables where my all dj band, the Invisbl Skratch Piklz, ca...Read more on Audiofanzine

    E-MU SP-1200 - My Long Time Friend

    by on 09-27-2016 06:49 PM My first drum machine I learned on! It's so user friendly with all the instructions written on the faceplate! The shape and vibe that comes off this thing is like it's saying, "Feed me samples... l...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Ensoniq ASR-10 - My Baby!

    by on 09-27-2016 06:39 PM The texture you get from this guy is like if the MPC 3000 and the SP1200 had a baby... A sound that's sorta right in between the two machines that I so dearly love! After sampling, the keys make it...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2 - Best for the Skratch Masters

    by on 09-27-2016 06:15 PM Best mixer in the world right now for the hard core skratchers... and I got all the other great mixers too! I can only recommend this mixer for deep nerdy skratchers. If you're just gonna do club m...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Ensoniq EPS - Alien Bass Texture

    by on 09-27-2016 06:02 PM I love blasting my 808 in here and that sample is spit out as a perfectly distorted warm punchy bass fo yo face! 12 bits of beautiful grimy texture... The definition of Dirt Style! So easy to use w...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Moog Music Limited Edition 10th Anniversary Minimoog Voyager - A Thing of Beauty!

    by on 09-27-2016 05:49 PM What can I say? I'm a collector and when this came out, I just had to friggin get it! #26 0f 30. I love throwing it through effects and different distortions... then combining them with my 808 bass...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Sequential Circuits Studio 440 - Dr. Octagon's Solution

    by on 09-27-2016 05:43 PM I've had this for a few years now, and every time I sample something into it, I end up with unique textures & sounds from the original! I love how there's tons of features that do quirky things tha...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Akai MPC3000 Limited Edition - All Hail Roger Linn! This & the 60 Are The Warmest MPCs!

    by on 09-27-2016 05:33 PM One of my favorite sampling drum machines! So warm and fat... makes my 808 basses huge! My go to machine for when I wanna make a 90's hip hop track... Actually, I do that a whole lot! I got a ton o...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Dave Smith Instruments Tempest - Sucks There's No Sampling

    by on 09-27-2016 05:24 PM How they gonna make a really dope drum machine, which it is, but have no sampling capability? Really wack for that one... There's some really cool features for what drums are already on there, but ...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Roger Linn Design Linn 9000 - The Secret Weapon!

    by on 09-27-2016 05:07 PM I love sampling old bboy breaks and this machine makes them sound extremely fat! Makes my room rumble the right way, more than my other gear! Could possibly be my favorite sounding sampler... and I...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Blue Microphones BALL - I collect these mics. Have three.

    by on 09-27-2016 02:32 PM A phantom powered dynamic mic? Yup. This was Blue's first attempt at phantom powered dynamic mics, and the first in the world at the time. When this mic was discontinued, Blue went on to make the E...Read more on Audiofanzine

    RCF MD 1708 - New in Box. Took me hours to figure out the wiring.

    by on 09-27-2016 02:06 PM Thank god it came with a cable. Wiring is just like TS to XLR cable wiring: XLR pins 1+3 and joined together; which are the shield and pin 1 on the mic side. The shield doesn't have a pin on the...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Guyatone GA-600F Recording Model - Iv'e used this amp for many years and I was satisfied with its performance.

    by on 09-26-2016 09:39 PM I play a variety of music ranging from old Ventures and Shadows tune to a mild jazz. I play only with friends and family members and not professionally. I like to use the clean channel most of the ...Read more on Audiofanzine

    ENGL E650 Ritchie Blackmore Signature Head - THE tone machine

    by on 09-20-2016 09:10 AM When I purchased this head, I had been looking for a high gain, metal-capable amplifier. I had my aim on an ENGL head due to a previous experience with a Powerball. I had no memmory of how it sound...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Fender American Special Stratocaster [2010-current] - Made in USA value priced Strat

    by on 09-18-2016 03:51 PM Very nice guitar. The electronics sound good, the texas specials are very good for everything. New innovative wiring so the neck and bridge pu have the tone pots(I heard it, didn't believe it, look...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Fender American Special Stratocaster [2010-current] - Surf Green is love, Surf Green is life

    by on 09-14-2016 04:18 PM [b]Intro/Context[/b]: Fender American Special Stratocaster SSS in surf green with mapple fingerboard. I'm a Strat guy, this is my 4th strat and by far my favorite to date. I went to the shop wa...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Ibanez SC10 Super Stereo Chorus - Nice Analog Chorus

    by on 09-11-2016 09:26 AM This is the next generation of Ibanez chorus after the very good cs9. Very close sounding to the CS9 but with the addition of a delay time knob. This pedal is just as solid as its predecessor, ma...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Epiphone Limited Edition 2014 G-1275 Double Neck - A legend for a reasonable price

    by on 09-08-2016 09:30 PM I bought it almost new, its previous owner decided to sell it after playing it only a little. It’s from 2014 (Limited Edition). This guitar’s main asset is its killer look. It cleartly won’t go ...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Hufschmid Guitars Helldunkel - A great music instrument!

    by on 09-05-2016 10:06 PM Hufschmid introduces his guitar 'Helldunkel', "Since 1996, this unique instrument represents my design ideology distilled into its purest form. This 6 string 'set specs' guitar is handbuilt from pr...Read more on Audiofanzine

    PSI Audio A25-M - Does "impartiality" really mean a thing for speakers... ?

    by on 08-31-2016 03:57 AM Here’s the first review on these gems : I work as a producer and mixer. Some months ago I had a budget to upgrade my main speakers (Focal solo6 Be)... My choice was aimed at ATC25 or 45, Baref...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Hohner HR 30 B - A real gem of a bass amp

    by on 08-31-2016 03:03 AM This amp is very little known but Hohner makes really good products, especially as this one was made before planned obsolescence so it’s high-quality stuff. Specswise : 12" speaker Two instr...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Electro-Harmonix Big Muff v4 - A "traditional" distortion pedal.

    by on 08-31-2016 02:37 AM A "traditional" distortion pedal. It differs from other Big Muffs as it doesn’t have the usual solid state circuit but two op amps : a JRC4558 – the same the Tubescreamer has – and a µA741, making...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Roland JU-06 - Get the Juno-106 vintage spirit

    by on 08-30-2016 08:17 PM The JU-06 is an expander-format synth that adapts to a dedicated mini-keyboard. It is well-designed and built, with a metal-made upper casing and faders well into their rail that respond very we...Read more on Audiofanzine
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