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    Vox StompLab IG - Well

    by linn134 on 11-23-2014 09:20 AM I invite you to look at the features in other reviews, just remember this is complete: amp simulation, overdrive, fuzz, distos, modulations, reverbs, delays ... all at the same time and quality just right . It's digital, signed Vox and made in Japan. For the smallest of the range is pretty amazing. Good finish, complete. In terms of features there is nothing wrong. This is not a chain preamps and effects in a CAB Torpedo but that's the joke for fun at home with a good headphone. Read more on Audiofanzine

    Yamaha PAC311H - Black

    by strat'man on 11-23-2014 06:01 AM Alder body, maple neck and rosewood fingerboard ... classic ... If not for the microphones that is less: P90 (alnico V) in the neck position and splittable humbucker (on the tone with a push pull) in bridge. Fixed bridge (ideal for keeping a perfect tuning) Wholesale +: Grover locking them, we change a string in less than 30 seconds and after a few bends in the rope takes better tension, tuning really holds very well! Top notch !!! Nut Graph Tech Tusq XL Black !!! (All as its big sister: the 611H) A priori what most differentiates the 311H and 611H, these are: maple top on the handle 611H and varnishes, Seymour Duncan pickups. In short, the 311H is a very good guitar on which to eventually upgrade the pickups ... Read more on Audiofanzine

    Marshall 2266H - The class!

    by Matosman59 on 11-23-2014 05:39 AM All lamp and kt66. Happiness for connoisseurs. 50 watts Digital reverb Loop effect Mid boost ... etc Read more on Audiofanzine

    Boss DR-3 Dr. Rhythm - Fits perfectly

    by scorpiolino on 11-23-2014 04:23 AM RCa st jack Output Connectors Several Styles and Drum Kits Percussion, djembe, bongos etc .. Bassline Read more on Audiofanzine

    Electro-Harmonix LPB-1 - Superb

    by Matosman59 on 11-23-2014 02:32 AM A boost. A switch and a knob. I admit that it is difficult to get any easier. True bypass (that is fashionable!) Read more on Audiofanzine

    Fender Classic '50s Telecaster - 2-Color Sunburst - twang twang that is?

    by tonton.michalon on 11-23-2014 02:25 AM already said elsewhere Read more on Audiofanzine

    Orange TH30 Head - amp addictive

    by shaps on 11-23-2014 01:20 AM I could optimize this amp by using a EHXAY7 in clean, the rest will be JJ tesla, demonic power is a 2x12 Celestion g12 heritage, using a NOVA SYSTEM in excellent effects loop. I do not use equalizer, while at midday the sound is. The variable power can play his studio to the average concert halls, without worry. Read more on Audiofanzine

    Squier Standard Stratocaster Special Edition Cherry Sunburst Rosewood - Good value

    by mv1 on 11-23-2014 01:19 AM - Manufacturing Japan, it must date from 1994 (Logo on the handle: Fender Squier big and small) around but has hardly been used by the previous owner. This is a Black Cherry Burst model I think (see attached photo found on the net) because I have not found it to AF. - It is equipped with Floyd Rose II bridge that takes pretty good deal. - The handle must be maple rosewood fingerboard. - The microphone set has been changed by a set EMG Steve Lukather it a little more modern guitar again. - It has a 5-way switch, volume knob and a tone, which is not like the standard strats but it suits me very well. - She has a gorgeous color that I love (see photo that is not mine, but it gives an idea) Read more on Audiofanzine

    Yamaha DSP-A3090 - great sound

    by francoiseu on 11-23-2014 12:08 AM l amp has a great sound I for several years. it is on the JMlab pregnant. I advice. jet a problem for several days my amps cuts but I tuner and a single shot on, he seeks and screens marked (input analog self ld.) and returns on tuner. Please can you m, helped because I do not find her just dous. thank you for your help. Read more on Audiofanzine

    Sennheiser MD 441-U - Excellent mic, but not universal ...

    by shimelo on 11-22-2014 11:39 PM Dynamic microphone type super-high-end built to last. Realization of unquestionable professional quality allows it since its creation to be part of all the microphones parks, in the studio or on stage. With its low-cut filter to 5 positions and its anti-snoring reel uptake is optimal and has preamplifier an excellent quality signal. Like all the microphones he has his own stomping ground of decision that will saxophone harmonica through voices, guitar amps jazz metal. The MD 441 is unavoidable where all others have failed microphones, for me, it's like this ... Read more on Audiofanzine

    Harley Benton dyna compressor - Good compressor

    by Kountch on 11-22-2014 10:32 PM This is an analog compressor with three settings: volume, compression and sustain (which actually corresponds to the time during which each note is compressed). The case is metal and the pedal feels solid. No fault visible construction. As to the aesthetic (white scorpion on a green background) each judge ... but for the price I was not looking too ... Read more on Audiofanzine

    MXR M234 Analog Chorus - Super Chorus

    by Kountch on 11-22-2014 10:13 PM Analog chorus. In addition to the traditional settings (depth, volume, rate) can act on the tone (low and high). There are two outputs "mono" and "thru" to operate with two amps (which I never did). The case is metal and coated with a metallic blue paint / glitter. Read more on Audiofanzine

    Boss DS-2 TURBO Distortion - Blah blah

    by Kountch on 11-22-2014 09:58 PM Everything has already been said in the previous opinion. Basically it's an analog pedal with 3 settings (tone, volume, gain) and a switch between two modes (I = DS1 colder, II = boost mids). Read more on Audiofanzine

    Bogner Atma - Small in size, big in everything else

    by ColDay on 11-22-2014 08:49 PM Known characteristics: 18W, 3 channels. Channel 1 is a clean way Fender between Blackface and Tweed according to the single tone of knob. A bright switch 3 position brings a little more flexibility to the top of the spectrum. Marshall typed channel 2, with a 3 position switch JTM / JMP / 800. Channel 3 is based on channel 2, with a volume and a dedicated gain a little special: the channel gain knob 3 is in front. There is a gain knob for channel 2, but it is located at the rear of the receiver, and it is actually a "delta" of gain between the gain of the channel 3 and channel 2. This is to say thoroughly, we have the same gain on channel 2 on the 3. If one decreases, we lose the gain. A little strange, I would have preferred a gain knob on the front panel and dedicated for channel 2 ... 3 speaker outputs, line output, effects loop, footswitch output, attenuator 5W / 1W, volume per channel. It is fairly complete, lacking only a master volume finally, because it is quite painful to have to align 3 volumes according to config ... Read more on Audiofanzine

    Ibanez CS9 Stereo Chorus - Super chorus with character

    by HyperDuck on 11-22-2014 08:41 PM Stereo output, very solid case more conventional, 2 knobs, an activation diode, no true bypass. Any analogue, 9V battery power charger or Boss type. Read more on Audiofanzine

    Tornade MS Pickups Nocaster Pickups Tele '54s - the sound I was looking for!

    by timboune on 11-22-2014 07:11 PM I have a Mexican TV that I give in ouvert.j'avais soil changed the original pickups are Seymour Duncan zero for a broadcaster and a vintage 54 manche.le as wiring was redone for all vintage. it was much better but I found the microphone bridge enough épais.j'ai then contacted Marc Aimar for advice and he advised his set Nocaster and Broadcaster wiring with the tone that becomes a mixer between two micros.Franchement it has nothing !!! The micro bridge slamming sounds and thick at the time.The sound has the body.The neck pickup is a killer too, the sound is crystal clear and super défini.Et the blend (mixer) provides a sound palette on the micro bridge that goes well slamming (with the body still) has softer sounds (but still fart !!!!) I also have the 50's Strat Tornado MS and frankly Marc is a genius !!! I do not regret definitely not my choice. Read more on Audiofanzine

    DNA RGB 1600 - Not bad

    by oursinou on 11-22-2014 04:50 PM How long have you use it? SINCE 1 YEAR What thing do you like most, CA POWER AND COLOR RENDERING least? It has defects in the ignition !! Have you tried many other models before buying it? Yes his little brother THE DNA RGB 1200 color issue performance, responsiveness power I sincerely regret the power issue and they are almost identical !! How would you rate the quality / price? With experience, you do again this choice? Frankly, no! and then the 1200 rgb DNA which has a much higher color rendering him !! Read more on Audiofanzine

    Ibanez PT-909 Phase Tone - Very good

    by Catharsis on 11-22-2014 04:48 PM Vintage analog phaser. I have the blue version, I do not know what year it dates (should I open it, maybe I can find a knob on the year). 1 input, 1 output Power Battery or AC (mini jack) 1 speed, 1 feedback, 1 width 1 footswitch on / off In short, basic, everything that we ask a phaser. No true bypass, I did not test to see if there is a color. Read more on Audiofanzine

    Synq Audio RS-15 - Well !!!!

    by oursinou on 11-22-2014 04:40 PM I use them for 4 years! I had before an old Foxtex system castles I always Their strength: the power and sound quality !! their weak point with a filtering 2 voices many acute damage !! I know I just be me orienterai on Electrovoice Read more on Audiofanzine

    Rocktron Pulse Tremolo - Not the best ...

    by Catharsis on 11-22-2014 04:13 PM Tremolo analog. 1 input, 1 output Power by battery or transformer. 1 foostswitch on / off. 1 Speed ​​knob, 1 Depth knob. 1 switch waveform (square or triangle). In short, the basic for a tremolo. Read more on Audiofanzine

    DSK Music Oranze [Freeware] - Free ringing.

    by 8oris on 11-22-2014 09:33 AM # The installation is done it without problems? Yes, we copy the dll in the VST directory of your sequencer software and it's good. # Have you experienced any incompatibility? No, no. The VST launches quickly and well. # Is the general configuration is easy? Yes, for a synth, it was much more delicate, complex and acne. Here we are on the basic. It sets the type 2 oscillations, the shape of two associated waves, the 2 filters (one per wavelength) shareholders, there is also a delay and a step sequencer with a random function. # Is the manual clear and sufficient? ... No manual but as to my knowledge there are no hidden features, it does not bother you. Read more on Audiofanzine

    Technylight TRIDENT 100 - Crappy

    by Deltawhois on 11-22-2014 07:41 AM A Chinese laser, as they know so well and ... Carcass not very thick (but not the finest I've seen) and a locking system cover with clip metal balls, not as con thing, but there's the game in the lid! and once opened it's not very convenient to inside, especially out deck with sources, dichroic and galvanized. The production is superb, no protective glass on the output, because the wiring was hard, glue everywhere. Level control is DMX, auto, sound and IR (remote control), the DMX done anything. Lasers is Chinese! I do not have instruments to measure, but it has no potato! This is a RGY laser sources with betting side by side, and there are two dichroic, one for mixing, normal, and just for the green. It would have been better to put a full band mirror to deflect it! waste of light ... After we pass to galvas, what about setting apart that they are stepping motor (very) slow that make a tremendous noise, and mirrors are really bad, the losses are always at the rendezvous. Side power supply, a transformer ring surprise! but undersized means the fan which is under powered laser sources when running. Bought for anything out of curiosity, will have an evening to test and not one more. Read more on Audiofanzine

    Boss PS-5 Super shifter

    by benderleben on 11-22-2014 06:18 AM So digital polyphonic! buffered (boss) classic specs Read more on Audiofanzine

    ENGL E570 Special Edition Preamp - Hello, I am the ultimate sound

    by monsieur-iks on 11-22-2014 06:09 AM What type of amplification (lamp, transistor, ...)? All-tube preamp (Engl what) What is the power delivered? This is a pre-amp so you have the formwork on an amp! As to me, I plug in my ENGL E840 / 50 which is also a big killer (everyone wants to redeem myself!) What connection? There are a bunch of connectors on the rack! 1 input jack on the front AND the back (depending on desired configuration) The Return Sends in the effect loop JACK well. JACK AND 2 XLR outputs to send in an amp (also works directly on a channel strip but I prefer to send it into a real amp) 2 MIDI jacks for control pedal 2 JACK taken to the footswitch (must not be useful if you have a MIDI foot, which is my case) What are the settings, effects? ... 4 channel preamp, but in fact many more! 1 Clean / Crunch 1/1 Lead / 1 Megalead of the death in your ass There are so many opportunities that I would definitely have a MIDI pedal control (the Z12 among others) here is the config of my stuff: (GAIN clean) / (GAIN crunch) / (BASS) / (MED) / (clean trebble) / (trebble crunch) (GAIN LEAD1) / (GAIN LEAD2) / (BASS) / (MED) / (trebble LEAD1) / (trebble LEAD2) There are 4 different channels but the "modes" extra help other sound options: channel 1 and 2 Gain Boost + = normal bright ultra bright channel 3 and 4 Hi gain + Active Contour + mid edge function applicable to 4 channels: Modern-Classic MLP + + + fx loop active noise Gate + Write-copy Read more on Audiofanzine

    Markbass Little Mark 250 Black Line - Amp for double bass and piano

    by tradcab on 11-22-2014 05:15 AM The little Mark 250 is a bass amp, one of the new d class that are getting very popular because of their very light weight. There are many other makes in the market place that do a similar job but there are a couple of things that make this one stand out. I am a double bass player and a piano player in about equal measure. I have been using a bass amp for the left side of the stereo output on my piano for along time. I have also been using a bass amp with a separate pre amp for the pick up on my double bass. With the Mark Bass I have found that I can plug my double bass peizo pickup straight into the balanced line input on the amp and get a very good tone. This is a feature usually only found on an amp three times the price of this one. Now this amp also does a great job when used with my stage piano. The wide frequency range of the output of the piano is totally catered for by the amps eq posabilites with the cleanest sound I have yet been able to achieve. Mark bass only refer to the double bass in passing in their advertising, I think they may be missing a trick here, the double bass is one of the hardest instruments to amplify but this amp does the business in my opinion. Read more on Audiofanzine

    Samick JS 043D - GOOD PIANO STUDY

    by emmanuel9136 on 11-22-2014 03:28 AM Hello all, I wanted to share my opinion on the study of piano, new, bought in a piano store Nantes.pour the first year, I bought a cheap electric piano, but my daughter complained about the quality of produit.donc I wanted to acquire a piano etude, good quality .but with a budget limité.nous have hesitated between Yamaha and Samick (of the same quality, according to the pianos seller). the sound of Samick piano, we seemed more pleasant. (Less metal than the yamaha). on the other hand, we Regrete not taking the quiet operation option (which we had proposed the seller, when choosing) which permettrais today, my daughter playing in the evening, after dinner .. .I am overall happy with my choice and my daughter is progressing well with this new instrument. Read more on Audiofanzine

    Akai MPX16 - Too many bugs

    by freezerman on 11-22-2014 12:38 AM Akai View website. Read more on Audiofanzine

    FX Amplification Classic Plex - The Crunch Machine !!

    by drapeau_rouge on 11-21-2014 11:59 PM Classic Plex is an all-tube amp head, 20 watts switchable 2 watts, handmade with madness components. No PCBs, as the wiring point by point. This amp has features that made me crack compared to other competitors (Splawn, Cornell, Matamp, Friedman and so on): - The presence of a true loop transparent effect drivée by a preamp tube, - The presence of 2 EL 34 power tubes (very rare in these low power) - The possibility to switch 2 watts, - Self-bias switch to change the lamps power itself, without repeating the bias (this should be the norm in all the amps) - Finally, the ability to switch head 2 watts for calmer conditions. This allows you to push the master volume of the amp to enjoy the natural saturation power tubes. And it's downright significant because this amp applies to reproduce british sounds whose sound is related to the saturation of the power tubes! Imagine a REAL plexi pushed her into a corner at low volume ...... Now you understand why I cracked now !! Despite its name "Plex" Classic Plex does not merely that sounds in the spirit of a Marshall Plexi. Through a 3-position selector, I can select a clean sound strongly reminiscent of the famous JTM 45, a crunch derived from a Plexi and finally a lead sound to sound in a pure spirit JCM800. For complete specifications, I refer you to the site FXamps. It really miss anything this comprehensive amp head. Read more on Audiofanzine

    Botex SP-1500 DMX - Good but problem

    by nono1969 on 11-21-2014 11:45 PM I use it for 3 years I tried a HQ 1500 with blinder really function more powerful in light intensity (the reflector mirror is not foreign) and the big plus of the shield: the top. + The performance in the standards of the time. - It is down (loss of DMX signal) Too expensive compared to HQ for example (I do not like the usual brand but this is the bomb) No, I would do the selection of HQ Read more on Audiofanzine

    Gibson Les Paul Classic 2014 - Heritage Cherry Sunburst - Brilliant!

    by lumpy_51 on 11-21-2014 11:12 PM Well everyone knows that it is manufactured in the USA in Nashville ... Nice Vintage brown box which team it's rustic! MORE: I say it is a Slim Taper Channel 60's (Yep most sites are planted they only have to go ask at Mother House, it is indeed a fine 60'S sleeve! !) Read more on Audiofanzine
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